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Burnt Bush Productions is first and foremost, a collaborative of solo artists! Emerging in December 2008, Burnt Bush is made up of Rappers(Tao Tha Rez, Balance, Marqui, Huckie D, Big Up, and Runt 215th), vocalists(Armonie aka Jus B, and Brice), Dj's (Dj Ducktape), songwriters(Tha Rez, Brice, Maggie, Coma) and producers(Tao Tha Rez, Paul Hurdel, Brotha Sage), and they consider this a revolution in music whereby artists of every type come together and collaborate in the name of creating great music. Secondarily, Burnt Bush is an answer to the question "What Comes Next?" After the ice and the jewels; After the money and the fame; After the shameless self promotion...When all that is left is music, "What Comes Next?" Burnt Bush provides this answer by inserting truth into a genre which once prided itself on "keepin it real..." Indeed Burnt Bush proposes that "what comes next" is morality, decency, and TRUTH. Modern Hip Hop is almost entirely devoid of any level of moral fiber. Consiquently, fewer and fewer rappers are answering the call to role model. If noone else will do it, Burnt Bush will. Indeed, Burnt Bush WILL "keep it real." Lastly, "when all that is left is music, music is what you give them!" Burnt Bush Productions is a fusion band with the goal in mind of aiding in the evolution of hip hop by continuing the trend of fusing influential genres with classic hip hop, therefore taking rap where it has yet to go. Moreover, Burnt Bush's use of soultry R&B hooks blended with hard(street) rap verses placed over instrumentals influenced by everything from opera to classic rock to orchastral music to Dance, create a cross-over style of music which appeals to a very broad demographic including those who dont ordinarillary listen to rap. Alas, amid failing record labels, low album sales, and disappointed fans, Burnt Bush Productions declares revolution! And they take up arms in this revolution through constant collaboration, the fusion of multiple genres, and the willfull reintroduction of opinion into hip hop!! "What comes next?", you ask.......
Do you play live?
Yes......everywhere!! We love the live venue....this is what we live for. We're Emcee's, man, whats real hip hop if not live?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Who's asking?
Favorite spot?
we got 10 members from like 6 different towns....lets just say, we love traveling to everywhere!!!
Equipment used:
Everythang you use.....
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