The Chosen Few 'Yellow Moon'
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I've had some great times playing over the years with some really good bands.

Do you play live?
Still playing live gigs and my final day will probably be moving amplifiers onto a stage somewhere... We had been playing 80+ gigs per year but we have slowed that down in 2016. These days we only take the choice bookings and we are fortunate enough to have very many.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Music is alive and well, even if the music industry is not. A new grass-roots industry is taking shape, though how it will eventually look is anybody's guess. Once a handful of big corporations funneled heavily marketed recordings by superstar artists through a few radio chains and MTV to the public. In place of that top-heavy business model, a new, more chaotic brand of self-marketing is emerging, fueled by tweets, text messages and MP3 files.

Roles have changed. Bands can now become de facto record companies: not only creating art but then distributing and publicizing it through websites and e-mail. And fans are no longer a faceless marketing demographic to which products are sold; they have become more like co-conspirators with the artists. They're not only viral advocates for bands, they're collaborators -- participating in remixes and videos, and by extension helping shape careers. They're invested in music personally in a way that wasn't possible a decade ago.

Band History:
I've been playing many years starting at the age of 14 with The Chosen Few in OKC. We were lucky enough to get hired by Concert West promotions and open for many national acts and tour in the midwest opening for The 5 Americans, California Spectrum, Mitch Ryder & Neil Ford and the Fanatics in the late 60's. Played a lot of bookings for Ronnie Kaye, Dale Wheba, Johnny Dark and Wolfman Jack from Dallas to Austin Texas and were on a regular 10 state syndicated television program "The Scene" With Ronnie Kaye and were on two live American Bandstand broadcast with Dick Clark in 1970-1971
We played at Strawberry Fields in Dallas Texas in 1970 and were lucky enough (at our young age) to play a week in Deep Ellum in E. downtown Dallas Tx We traveled through Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico and Nebraska and after High School we played extended tours up to 6 weeks at a time.
It was great times until Uncle Sam put an end to our run with the draft for Viet nam. Young bands today probably won't have that kind of opportunity. We were very fortunate while it lasted. After 1975 a few of us worked in the commercial advertising business writing ads for local and national companies.

Your influences?
All the great songwriters.
Favorite spot?
(Spot) Sanibel Island Florida (City) Amsterdam, Netherlands
Equipment used:
My current amp heads are a moded Marshall JTM 45, Orange OR-50 , Soldano HR50 and a Suhr Badger 30 that I use on top of a open back orange 2X12 cab with Scumback M-75 speakers. I have 2 combos a 1965 Vox AC 30 and an old Fender Blues JR. I have a small collection of guitars; Fender, Suhr, Taylor, Ovation, Martin, Gibson, Ibanez, Rickenbacker...etc
Anything else...?
Decent driver and damn good Pizza maker
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