NEWS   Detached Has a New Drummer by the Name of Vernon Himes. Also Known as VX. This Kat Is ready to F**kin' Bust out
Also we have hooked up with Scary Entertainment stay tuned to see how involved we get...

We are takin' a small Break due to Health issues of Jack(Sorry Ass). When we HIT it up again its gonna be Harder and Meaner an Tighter than Ever.
West Coast
Yhung T.O / IAMSU! / SOB x RBE Type Beat | | Buy1Get1FREE!
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play hi-fi  Caught in a Lie
play hi-fi  Built For War
Detached is a HardCore Metal Band from the Concrete ghetto's of the Nati!! We are a mix of Hard driving Guitars and Mean Ass Beats on the Drums, with The Vocals and the Lyrics to back iT up!! With all the Styles Detached Brings ..One way or another it All Ends up Metal!!
Why this name?
First we started out as Fat Bastard. Then we thought, sh*** that Just Isn't going to cut it and after a Long exhausting search ..We came up with Detached ...
Do you play live?
We play Live Constantly and Have played Every Major Venue in Cincy and all the Dives too. We have Played through-out Southern ohio and Northern Ky. ..In the Winter of 2003 we plan on opening up the horizon )Literally( So if you haven't seen or heard Detached you will get your oportunity soon..stayed tuned for further details
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet makes it alot easier for People in this Day and Age to listen from Home. And with the Addition of The mp3's most people can download songs in a instant and it's the Size that matters.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell- Yes ..We need equipment -better recordings- Anything we can get to help our Music out is O.K BY US
Your influences?
Everyone who has ever played is a Influence on this band, We don't conform to any style, or one main Genre. One sec we are Hardcore, Next we are thrash and then punk, then Old shcool. Like Baskin Robbins, we got a thousand Flavors
Favorite spot?
Cincy, The Bahama's anywhere warm and Shady.
Equipment used:
Roland Pre-amps, recording and monitors,and effects, Peavy amps, Mackie amps, Randall cabs, Yamaha effects, Dean guitars, Schecter guitars, Kramer guitars, Shure mics, Ibenez basses, Pearl Drums, Paiste and Sabian cymbals...thats not even close to all we use bu its the Big Sh** that we can't live without
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