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play hi-fi  Which Thief Are You fade 19
play hi-fi  Where You There
play hi-fi  A Promise To Love You (Lisa's Song)
play hi-fi  Too Much Month (Radio Cut)
play hi-fi  Which Cross Is Yours
play hi-fi  Too Much Month at the end of the Money
play hi-fi  As We Lift Up Your Name
play hi-fi  Which Thief Are You
play hi-fi  At The End Of The Spear
play hi-fi  As We Lift Up Your Name (live)
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I am on the worship team at our church. I play lead, electric, and acoustic guitars, bass, vocals, and sometimes keyboards. I also write, record, engineer, and produce my own music.
Your influences?
Too many to name
Favorite spot?
San Diego
Equipment used:
I use a 1979 Fender Anniversary Strat Electric guitar, Sigma 12 string acoustic, Fender 6 string acoustic, Ibanez bass, Yamaha PSR-E313 keyboard, auto-harp, Tascam DP-01FX, Marshall AVT-150h head, Carvin 4-12 angled speakers, Boss ME-30, T.C Electronics flashback X4, and Corona Chorus, Modtone Dirty Duo, Pro Co Rat Distortion, Boss Dr. Rythem, Nady SCM-1000, Shure SM-57, Kristal Audio Engine, Reaper with way too many VST's.
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