Uncle Steve
NEWS   Uncle Steve has, for a number of years, been collaborating writing songs with Eduardo Teja; a talented singer / songwriter / guitarist / producer / novelist / publisher / sailor. Their combo is now called "Ambulante Eduardo & Tio Esteban"; and, their upcoming CD, "Pargo Rojo" (Red Snapper). Uncle Steve is also now one of Ed's clients, in his "Float Street Music" publishing company, in New Mexico. (EdTeja@gmail.com)
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"Uncle Steve" is a Canadian singer/songwriter,
who plays with an extended family of various musical buddies.

Inspired by the Canadian comedians, "the Mackenzie Brothers" & their jokes, about the "Mercans" south of the border & us "Canajuns" here in the "Great White North"; Uncle Steve describes his music as "Canajun Blues"!!
Why this name?
The band name evolved over a period of years. It first started as "Uncle Social", from a joke imagining what the hubby of "Auntie Social" might be like. But then, after having to explain the joke a million times, (you know auntie social / uncle social?) we simplified the band name to "the Uncles". But then, as the band members changed, it became "Uncle Steve".
Do you play live?
The last few years I have been spending half my year volunteering as a project coordinator with a non-profit aboriginal organization, renovating Metis homes in northern Canada. i did play a lot of informal solo acoustic gigs. so, i am only recently getting back into band gigs. After many years of playing in bar bands, it was a treat to have that solo acoustic experience in remote areas.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I've been slow to get into computers & surfing the web. But now, I realize that the internet has made it possible for musicians to bypass the need for selling their souls to record companies.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I guess I couldn't say till I actually had that carrot dangled in front of me. But now, I'ld be more concerned about promotional budget & see to the production & distribution myself.
Band History:
A list of the various audio projects, self-produced through "Beer Weazl Productions", is the best reflection of the band history, (all songs registered with SOCAN): "Labour of Caring" (1992), "Story Book Blues" (1996), "Canajun Blues" (1998); primarily rock music. Then, a solo folk CD, of original & traditional sea chanteys, called "Sea Fever" (2005). "Hunger of the Heart" (2007), contains a broad spectrum of musical genres, from alt-folk, country, blues, rock & gospel. Recently, I've released the "Spirit Warriors" EP, featuring a world music collaboration with the Swedish darling, "Lotte Kivikas", from Stockholm and "Henning Backhaus", the brilliant keyboardist with the Bavarian progressive rock band, "Time Passengers". My long time collaborator from south of the border, "Traveling Ed Teja", and I, have also released our first "Ambulante Eduardo & Tio Esteban" EP, called "Pargo Rojo" (Red Snapper). Feel free to check out "Uncle Steve's Beer Weazl Web Page" at http://www.beerweazl.com; or, "Get Blogged w/ Steve McP" at http://stevemcp.blogspot.com.
Your influences?
The first rock band I ever saw live was the classic Canadian rock band, "Guess Who". I was inspired by a number of great Canadian singer / songwriters, like Neil Young, Gordie Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Robbie Robertson, Burton Cummings, Bryan Adams, David Wilcox & Warren Zevon.
Favorite spot?
Years ago I spent a year & a half living in a plastic & log structure on Wreck Beach near Tofino, on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, B.C. It was the most exhilarating time of my life.
Equipment used:
For years I played a 30 year anniversary model Fender Telecaster. More recently I have been using a Yamaha APX-7 semi-acoustic guitar. I have used various Roland guitar amps for years, but I now use my dream amp, a 1986 Mark III Mesa/Boogie.
Anything else...?
My ancestors are a combination of Scots (Celtic), French (Occitanian) & Aboriginal (Haida/Ojibwa). When I was a child my parents only taught me about being British. As I learned about tribal spiritual culture (versus corporate feudal / scientific materialist culture), I realized the parallels between the Celts & the Aboriginals. Connecting with my ancestral heritage has been a healing experience for me.
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