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Jimmy Shredder
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play hi-fi  True Scavenger
play hi-fi  Bout to be Commin (beat by 9th wonder)
play hi-fi  Ewii Ft. Jimmy Shredder - Spit Game Certified
play hi-fi  Let's Go Ft. Ang Money (Prod. By Ang Money)
play hi-fi  Say You Will Freestyle
play hi-fi  I Think Im
play hi-fi  1. Let em Know
play hi-fi  2. Hands Up
play hi-fi  3. kush is my cologne
play hi-fi  4. la la la la
I'm about to be ten years deep in the game and getting ready to take it to the next level. I feel like the time is now and i'm finally ready to utilize everything i've learned about the "art side" and the "business side" of the "rap game". If it werent for the extra time i took to continue to learn before i made a push, i probly would of ben chewed up by the industry and fans alike. Now that i've matured and grown wiser, in life and with music, i'm finally ready to put the team and the blueprint i've ben constructing for the past five or six years together and live the dream.
Why this name?
My first name was Dilousion lol. Then everyone i knew started to call me J-Big, and that became my name up untill 2011 i decided i needed something a little more original and fitting. After nights of throwing different names with Jimmy, I finally thought of Jimmy Shredder. I liked the way it sounded and felt like it fit me perfect since everyone is always tellin me how i rip sh*** an tear it up, which is what i do best!
Do you play live?
I have never played live, jus freestyles and fun battles at parties, but once i record music that i feel is at a high enough calliber to perform I will be rockin every stage i can.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its way easier to put your music out there, you jus gotta know how to do it right.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the deal and the label.
Your influences?
Kanye west, wayne, jeezy, GCH, Eminem, T.i., t-pain, jada, game, joe budden and so-on, plus alot of 90's and some rock and other shit, anything i can relate to it dont matter what genre
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
home studio- samsung condenser mic, cool edit pro...
Anything else...?
Spirit Of A Warrior Comming Soon And Will Be Recorded In A Professional Studio Yet To Be Decided
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