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Zehbrah is a rock band consisting of cousins Nick Fane (guitars, bass, vocals) and Ryan Fane (drums, production), formed in 2008. An amalgamation between blues rock and early heavy metal (with just a pinch of punk, funk and grunge/alternative thrown in for spice), they play songs loud and fast and with no regrets. With lyrics that range from goofy rambling, to political pondering, to dark introspection and just a little bit of eerie caricature, their sound is constantly ebbing and flowing, and their moods are no less than schizophrenic. But hey, to be good, you gotta be a little crazy, eh?
Why this name?
It's mysterious, I guess. An ambiguous band name allows for experimentation. I mean, Megadeath isn't the type of name you'd hear from a band that doesn't play hard, nearly all the time. It gives us extra freedom
Do you play live?
Not yet. Being a 2-man group, we don't have the means as of now, but when the starts finally align and Ryan and I are in close proximity once more (I'm at college, he may be going to the same college as me in a years time), we may finally get around to finding a guitarist and kicking off with a bang!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows for Zehbrah to exist. And we are the GREATEST. BWAHAHAHAHA.

It does allow for more people to express their musical idea, which is good. However, it also clutters the airwaves with people who don't really have anything to offer, which is bad. It's a double sided coin, and essentially makes for more good music, but makes it harder to find.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on how much freedom we were allotted, I guess. I don't write songs for the sake of radio, which isn't something many record companies want to hear.
Band History:
Ryan started playing on the drums something like 4 years ago, just around the time that Nick started playing bass. After we had developed a little confidence, we started jamming together, going under the name, The "That's Crunchy!"s (still a great name). As time went on and we became better, more versatile and more confident, 1-hour jam sessions became 2-hour jam sessions, became 3-hour jam sessions. Eventually, we started recording our work, most of it improvised on the spot. After recording two full albums of experimenting (they sounded baaaaad), INick started working on guitar. Eventually, we had found that through jamming, we had come up with some pretty tasty songs, worthy of a real recording effort. So became the album above, and the band, now called Zehbrah, has been shelved until the day that both Ryan and Nick migrate to the innermost depths of Chicago, IL (both as students of Columbia College Chicago, if all goes as planned), and they can don their stripes proudly, maybe with another band member or three, to truly begin their unholy quest!
Your influences?
Both members are big Rush fans, and can probably trace their interest in music back to this great band. Also heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Primus and the like.
Favorite spot?
Chicago, IL. Or, Gotham City, as I say.
Equipment used:
Ryan has a ddrum 5-piece with Paiste cymbals, specs unknown as of now. Nick used an Ibanez Soundgear bass for the recording of above album, but has since acquired a very tasty Warwick Fortress Flashback, colored a very sexy red. We use a computer interface, specs unknown as of now, with a ton of Shure SM-57s as well as a few other more specific-function mic's. For guitars, Ryan has a Kramer Strat knockoff, as well as a Ltd. Les Paul knockoff, both of which were used in the album. We like knockoffs. It feels good in our wallet. Amplification supplied by Peavey and Behringer.
Anything else...?
If you like what you hear, SAY IT! If you don't, SAY IT LOUDER. We love criticism. If you really like what you hear, SPREAD THE WORD. We'd love more listeners, you know. It's a pretty big thing for us.
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