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Round 3 GRb/ Im already fed up/ rhawfax then king author/ now look Heads UP!/
tried to come out the booth /and got his head stuck/ took the barber 8 days/ to finish his edge up/

To battle Garciavega/ hoemboy you not ready/
Hope you got big feet/cuz we know you top heavy/ hard to focus on anything/ instead of his head/ when he could star in bonks/ adventure with no special effects/

Need extra large headphones/ to fit around you/ everyone blown at the movies /when they sit behind you/scrybe was a no show /that’s how you skipped to rnd 2/ but now you up against gully/ what the f*** you gon do/

See I Used to be slept on/ now I cant catch a nap/ and im sorry it was you /when it shoulda been naps/but jeff keep sending dem’/ I’m sending dem back / he cant fill my shoes but he can fit enef’s hat/

Yall were shittin bricks/when bux letem have it/ but hows it a secret /that his head is so massive/ If I was a gambling man/ id plan to cash in/cuz Id put the house up/ that this mans telepathic/

Punch lines weak/ flow is so boring/and his head so enormous/ that its got its own orbit/ before he tries to battle /somebody forewarn him/ how this n*** bald headed but his shadow looks like Norbits?/(how you doin)

Yall gotta be kidding/ I got battle this bama?/ he the only n*** I know/ use bedsheets for bandanas/ this guy is a disgrace/ the only man alive wit a hat size of about 9 and 5/8’s

He rests in the o/but lays his head in tallahasee/ Head so big its got its own map key/who woulda thought rd 3 id get mr.Mackey/ /lips smacking when he rappin sound like he spittin tobacce/

What you reppin your city wit dat unnatural flow/ man u f***ing up the O like to much nasatol/ f*** a ski mask/ this cat gotta use a shirt/ and his family portrait had to be shot using google earth/

Used to callem’ sport/then they nicknamed him stadium/ gotta climb a ladder/ if you got something to say to him/ tied swings to his ears/ just to get the kids to play with him/ and on long summer days/ he tilts his head to make shade for them/

national geographic called/said they wanna spend a day with him/ on easter island,/where they redesigning his cranium/but they keep finding fossils/ and deposits of uranium/his head causing natural disaters/ and theres no explaing them/

Rather be insane/ then a lame who be lifeless/ Penny for your thoughts/ sh*** his brains would be priceless/he aims to be writoues/ill aim and then snipe him/ bet u didn’t know mt.rushmore was made in his likeness/

Id put two in his chest/ but this kid gon’ tattle/ so ill put two in his head/ so he can be king kong’s raddle/ they wanna hear the best /so the king gon’ battle/ he mad his silhouette/ look like a ping pong paddle/

In Orlando trying to do it/even went to full sail homes/ but when they heard his music/ they made the fool sail home/ trying to play it to the bone with a brain full of stones/ and a lisp that makes Sylvestor /sound like james earl jones/

Orlando magic/ What a gay notion/ you come up with that after sucking off ray ocean?/ Yall aint going nowhere/ not the way you rap/ your labels site is a deadlink/ but I guess you already knew that/
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
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