Mafioso Montage
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This track 'Winter Rain' was composed by Denis Couture and was orchestrated by myself.This video is the work of Mattieu Farel and depicts the Mafioso era of the 1930s.
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I like to make music of any Genre please feel free to listen and comment!

Since the start of my collab with Liana, my music has gone from strength to strength and have had chart successes.I have also had the good fortune to do collabs with other artists such as Dawn Diamond and Nicky Moran.The wonderful lyricist Dawn Sinclair also has 'partnered' me on some tracks.
#1 All Our Days Too
#1 HERE WE GO Alternative Brit POP
#1 INTO LOVE in the Alternative Charts.
#1 HOW I MISSED YOU Beats and Instrumentals
#1 ONE BLISSFUL MOMENT Classical and Classical Baroque
#1 The Di Da Song Alternative Brit POP
#1 LADY IN WAITING Classical Medieval
Use the link on my page to find her own site too.
Other Chart Sucesses include:-
Remember the Night #2
Memories Across the Sea #2
Senorita #2
Strawberry Chimes Ensemble #2
22 club Mix #2
Only When I cry #4
Just a Kiss Away #4
You'll Never know #5
Your Song #6
Indian Sunrise #8

Mister G #13
Wait for Me #16
When You Know #17
Always there #17
Forever You #19
State of Affairs #19

All the above are the ones that have made the top 20.
Why this name?
It relates to my name
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Fastest way of getting music out to the public!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No I do this for fun unless the money was ridiculous!
Your influences?
The Beatles initially and progressed on to the varied sounds of Motown
Favorite spot?
Alcatraz, San Francisco
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