Nocturnal Solitude
Nocturnal Solitude - Shadow's of A Dream
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Nocturnal Solitude is a new breed of Nostalgic, Atmospheric, Mournful, Dark Ambient, Gothic, Classical, Funeral / Death Doom Meta, called Night Dooml that, strangely enough, with the sound of the damned, eases peoples negative behavior.
Band History:
Nocturnal Solitude was formed and founded on September 23 of 2007. With love for Gothic / Funeral / Death Doom never ceasing, musical attributes still wanted to be pursued. In 1996, the formation of a Goth Rock band called Eternal Rest, was created. Things went down hill and went sour fast. Quite a few members had been kicked out for drug use. Quiting seemed to be the right thing to do, but at the same time wanted to find people who were and are reliable. The search was hopeless. Then in 2007, the idea of doing music solo came to mind, but had no idea how to go about doing it. The acquiring of help from a few friends and the right equipment, is what started the project called, as you know, the Dark Ambient, Gothic, Funeral, Death Doom project...Nocturnal Solitude.
There's a combination of everything. Ranging from pain and suffering, a lost soul trying to find himself, murder, suicide, the heart ache that one goes through, the love for the darkness that We all let envelope us from time to time, if not all the time, and torment that come from his feelings and experiences. Which makes this new breed of Gothic / Melodic / Funeral / Death Influences include; Goth and Doom genres, death, walking amongst shadows, and the mysterious wonders of the darkness. Some have said it is a tragedy in the making, while the others have said it is darkness reincarnating itself all over again.
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