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Nocturnal Solitude
'Mercy Unto The Blood' by Nocturnal Solitude
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05/31/13 @ 01:47 AM     post a comment
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Nocturnal Solitude is a new breed of Nostalgic, Dark Ambient, Gothic, Classical, Funeral / Death Doom Metal that, strangely enough, with the sound of the damned, eases peoples negative behavior.
Why this name?
I chose the name because not only does it go with the sound of the music, i spend alot of my time in solitude at night to clear my thought. Thus, coming up with nocturnal solitude.
Do you play live?
No I don't.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It opens people's eyes to different types of Metal and the impact that certain music or songs have on people makes a big difference. -Thomas-
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell no. For the simple fact is I believe in staying underground instead of being controlled by a major label. A major label, I believe, ruins you Mentally. You tend to lose yourself.
Band History:
Nocturnal Solitude was formed and founded on September 23 of 2007 by Thomas Thompson. With his love for Gothic / Funeral / Death Doom never ceasing, he wanted to pursue his musical attributes. In 1996, he had formed a Goth Rock band called Eternal Rest. Things went down hill and went sour fast. He ended up kicking quite a few members out for drug use. He ended up calling it quits, but he still wanted to do music, but at the same time wanted to find people who were and are reliable. The search was hopeless, and he gave up. Then in 2007, he had the idea of doing music by himself, but had no idea how to go about doing it. So he got help from a few friends and he ended up forming the project called, as you know, the Gothic, Funeral, Death Doom band Nocturnal Solitude. Thomas combines everything from pain and suffering, a lost soul trying to find himself, murder, suicide, vampiric hell, the heart ache that one goes through, the love for the darkness that We all let envelope us from time to time, if not all the time, and torment that come from his feelings and experiences. Which makes this new breed of Gothic, Melodic, Funeral, Death Doom, with a Vampire's twist... music. His influences include Goth and Doom genres, death, walking amongst shadows, and the mysterious wonders of the darkness. Some have said it is a tragedy in the making, while the others have said it is darkness reincarnating itself all over again, but really it is open for interpertation. All songs are written and played by Thomas Thompson.
Your influences?
Gothic Metal, Funeral Doom, Dark Ambient, Dark Soundscapes, Black Metal
Favorite spot?
Seattle, WA.
Equipment used:
Peavy, B.C. Rich, ibanez guitars and bass.
Korg keyboards.
Anything else...?
Yeah. I do everything for this project. At times it tends to get on my nerves,
because I always want to rush and get the product done so I can hear how it sounds. hehe
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