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From the cracked sidewalks of Minneapolis to a cement bed in the pen, David C., A.K.A. N8iveBro, is finally finding balance in life with his new home in Red Lake, Minn. He’s not sure if it was the two seeds which birthed bundles of joy, finding love or his age which calmed him down. But, N8iveBro is sure the time in the pen motivated him to walk a straight line. On the narrow path N8iveBro found a voice which brings club swagger, stories of betrayal and seductive rhymes to the underground MidWest rap scene. For many years, popping off the verbal glock only happened in freestyle competitions amongst friends. N8iveBro decided to delve deeper in the craft after his release from prison and an impromptu meeting with EmCee Edge of Concrete Productions and Red Lake Rapper - War Dog A.K.A Mike D. N8iveBro was chillin’ at a club in Bemidji studying the rappers on stage. He saw how an orator could take an audience on a ride with rhythm; he saw how people could relate. He wanted in. After the concert, N8iveBro approached the local talent and expressed his interest in learning about music production and sharpening his verbal skills. Growing up in Minneapolis, N8iveBro was introduced to death and the fast lane at an early age. N8iveBro was a child when he lost his brother to a shotgun shell. In similar fashion, the time N8iveBro spent in the pen was due to a fight, but instead of death he was blessed with time(2nd Degree Assault w/deadly weapon). He was served 28 months. He did 19 and spent the rest on parole. Even though he’s received invitations to participate in collaborations, he’s remained humble, understanding his craft is a work in progress. N8iveBro is fine tuning his first debut album release. He's made some mixtapes and discs, but nothing official to Date But the Official Album is COMING SOON! While ambition breeds hope, N8iveBro believes it also gave him the confidence to rely on himself. N8iveBro is also planning to continue his education in mass communications working in Radio, Producing Video and Audio.
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Local Shows I love it, looking forward to doing a lil touring soon...
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