necstatic incredible
beautiful sadness
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Featuring Nicole Weiss
Majestic Drama
Higher Places (feat Ogasilachi) *AFROBEAT*
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play hi-fi  beyond your feet
play hi-fi  i rise with the morning
play hi-fi  all the world is a cage
play hi-fi  learned to touch (passing)
play hi-fi  another lovesong (love is a soft crucifixion)
play hi-fi  daydream without end
play hi-fi  beautiful sadness
play hi-fi  someone will make it for me
play hi-fi  d e d i c a t i o n
nECSTATIC iNCREDIBLE is an original diversified project of Nicolas Wind, a cosmopolitan composer and instrumentalist. The inimitable voice of Nicole Weiss and multinational cast of outstanding musicians added a unique artistic flavor to the whole production.

The style can be described as pop rock that utilizes some of the basic elements of baroque and rococo music such as polyphony and instrumentation. We call it s y m p h o p o p even though the definition might not be fully accurate.

The arrangement of the songs executed with symphonic complexity while maintaining easy-listening catchy qualities of pop music. The arrangements were so performed that neither of the songs can be replicated without doing harm to the sound palette.




Copyright © 2008/9 Nicolas Wind & nECSTATIC iNCREDIBLE.
All Rights Reserved.
Band History:



Beyond Your Feet
Learned To Touch (Passing)
I Rise With The Morning
All The World Is A Cage
Beautiful Sadness
Another Lovesong (Love Is A Soft Crucifixion)
Daydream Without End
Someone Will Make It For Me
D e d i c a t i o n (instrumental)


Nicolas Wind – all compositions
Lubunga Lucindi Chawelwa – melody in Beyond Your Feet and Daydream Without End


Lucien Zell – Beautiful Sadness, Beyond Your Feet, Learned To Touch (Passing), I Rise With The Morning and All The World Is A Cage
Nicolas Wind – Daydream Without End, Another Lovesong (Love Is A Soft Crucifiction) and Someone Will Make It For Me


Nicole Weiss – vocal
Nicolas Wind – keyboard, guitars
Ulf Gjerdingen – bass
Tom Herian – drums, percussions
Oskar Török – trumpet in Learned To Touch, All The World Is A Cage and Beautiful Sadness

FAMA Quartet:
David Danel – 1st violin
Aki Kuroshima – 2nd violin (Marta Hajšmanová in Someone Will Make It For Me
and Jan Adam in D e d i c a t i o n)
Emi Ito – viola
Balázs Adorján – cello


Wind Art Studio – keyboard, guitars
Jan Horácek @ Studio Elements DS – strings
Tom Herian AKA Drama Jacqua – vocal, drums and bass; mixing and mastering


© 2008, 2009 Nicolas Wind. Music and Lyrics
© 2008 Lucien Zell. Lyrics.
© 2009 Matej Kocka. Video and Cover Design.
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