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Personal Music Page of Leo Back-Guitarist for Violet Vicious and The Vagabonds.. Occasionally I will do things with other artists so that stuff will wind up here. PLease check out our Violet Vicious and The Vagabonds page here @ SoundClick for additional VVV songs.
Why this name?
It chose me:)
Do you play live?
Play numerous venues in Chicago as Lead Guitarist for VVV- also occasionally sit in with Blu Willy T and The Midnite Lovers- a smokin' old school Blues band from Southside Chicago. Some of most enjoyable Live session moments have been with Willy T- laying down Blues!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Absolutely does! Need to be able to hear more unsigned artists cuz thats where the fire is!
Band History:
Began playing @ 5- took many years off until the '60's when it was about acoustic guitar and mucho extended jam sessions. Stopped playing for 30 years + to raise a family and decided @ 2 years ago to get back to my love!
Play guitar and co-write and arrange with Carly Gielarowski Violet Vicious and The Vagabonds. During a 6 month hiatus for VVV( 7/2008 to 11/2008)
I was working with a singer/songwriter John James Cindric to get his band off the ground-The Rare Groove Project). you can listen to this material @
Your influences?
Jimmy Reed, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton
Favorite spot?
Cancun then very close second-Chicago
Equipment used:
Marshall- Line 6 Amps, VG Strat, Gibson Les Paul(w/60's neck), Ovation Acoustic, Telecaster tuned to Open G
Anything else...?
Love guitar based music- Sincerely believe that there needs to be a resurgence of rock and roll that hearkens back to the music mattering rather than todays BS of hype and image being the key factor!
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