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Jessie James, Jay V., Lil O, Lil Z, Dj D. Mil, Don Elle, Huli Shallone, Big KEN, Colors Band, A.R.K.O, R-Nestinho, dj Cortés
Why this name?
I was recording a song in the studio with my old Band L.U. Squad and the sound engineer decided not to add bass on my vocals and my homie Jay V. was like, oh man! We should stop calling you Isaiah (that’s my real name) and call you BASSMAN. And that’s how BASSMAN came up. Now as far concern 75, that’s just the number of my crew, “75 million Africans got my back”
Do you play live?
Yes, look out for "we our one tour" featuring me, Jr Reid, MINS and Young Buck.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A whole lot but I do not feel like get in to details right now.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, no need it, I got my own label!
Band History:
African hip-hop star, BASSMAN75 sets his sights on USA & Canada

Angola born hip hop star, BASSMAN75 has started a nationwide Canadian & USA promotion for his album, "I got lucky". The lead single on the album which is entitled "Jamaican Grind" is a certified club banger with the potential to do extremely well in North America.

BASSMAN75 is unique in that, unlike most hip-hop artist he is not interested in labelling him self as a gangsta, pimp or thug. He is an established businessman who speaks six different languages, namely: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish as well as languages from his home town of Angola.

He is currently wrapping up a promo tour in Europe "I GOT LUCKY TOUR" after that he goes to USA and Canada. BASSMAN75 is an artist to watch for in 2008/09! by Maria Jackson

Your influences?
Favorite spot?
Las Vegas
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