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play hi-fi  Tibb Street Connection
play hi-fi  Sunday 10am
play hi-fi  Super Vixens (ruff mix)
play hi-fi  Becoming Visible
play hi-fi  Aimesque Instrumental
play hi-fi  Soho Dreaming
play hi-fi  Motorcycle Gang
play hi-fi  The Things I Do (Plastic Trash mix)
play hi-fi  'Round My Way
play hi-fi  Vanity Sex feat Diane
Originally an odd ball off shoot of Spiral Lounge, which we all know produced "Chilled Beats From Downtown Wigan"... As time went by Spiral Lounge got replaced with Plastic Trash and the name has stuck.
Why this name?
It's from an online doll soap opera called "Doll Babylon" (sadly now off line) which featured a group called "Plastic Trash" - It was too good to resist, and will look fabulous on a t-shirt...
Do you play live?
Good God no!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
How else could you listen to Plastic Trash or Spiral Lounge???
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not a major no, but if Grand Central smiled in my direction, I wouldn't say no!
Band History:
I used to release my stuff under the name Spiral Lounge, but due to there being a rather famous club in America called the same, and various musicians contacting me because wanted the name, I reverted to the name of my remix / collab project - Plastic Trash.
Your influences?
Saint Etienne, Rae & Christian, Aim, Propaganda, Altered Images and old Studio 2 Stereo compilations...
Favorite spot?
I have a soft spot for Manchester, but nothing can beat the neon glow of Soho at night.
Equipment used:
Simple loop based sequencers and a bucket full of loops.
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