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vs. Drew Iza - GRB RD 3
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Tue Jan 27, 2009
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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"God dammit! ya’ll predict imma lose to this wack faggot?
And it, just gets on my nerves I cant stand it
Well if he had the slightest talent, maybe I’d panic…
But drew-a-bitch like the dude from Titanic
And I don’t need a paintbrush, I just gotta shake rust off
To break jaws and draw tears from this lamef***
And he aint getting laid just laid up in a hospital
And voters gonna give him the boot when I lace up

I say such things to try embarrassing my foe
I got the power and control to put this coward in a hole
After all your a pinto im a camaro on the road
So you get outshyne like Jamal Barrow on parole
Ya’ll know how it goes his boys’ll come voting for him,
S’all good it’s a free country, this a open forum,
But in concert hes pathetic yo theres no performance
Kids only go to shows of his to see the acts that open for him

I could stop rapping to ease the fear of global warming,
…I make paper melt with a pen
so trust you won’t advance unless you take a page out of
Joe Cockers book and get a little help from ya friends
I turn ya screams to yelps in the end, we could brawl
You would fall, you would perish, now there is a good call
You shook dog? The obituary will read Drew Bledsoe much
But he never threw a football

sit back son
you so dumb you didn’t get that punch,
and check it I know you want us to think you from the ghetto
please Ak is known to clean clocks like gepetto
they want disses and I gotta huge boatload
only thing we got in common’s we advanced on two no-shows
ya getting fixed, so similar to ya balls
if you had an opponent in either round dog you would lose both those

If hes got a crew they know this cat needs a break
And probably afraid to say it for fear he’ll devour their face
They wish he’d shower in mace, tired of carrying this fag
He’s Like Alexander the great in a chariot race, they feel bad
He’s a rap charity case
When in actuality he needs to be battered like cake
So don’t get carried away cuz other than
Whose line is it anyway I never seen Drew Carey his weight

I kick ass and take names, consider Ak a violent identity thief
So homie I hope you brought you’re a game
Hes a-fraid to give his address for fear I’ll beat him at home
like I’m great in away games
And all this stress gon cause some serious weight gain
So when you lose there’ll be plenty of room for you to place blame
we would’ve had to inaugurate mccain
If he lobbied for as many votes as drew’s aim name

I give him aches and pains
and my respect is something you gotta urn, lucky for you I cremate lames
and create lanes thru the side of ya cranium
we’ll need bleach and uranium to get out all the brain stains
ya mainframe cant maintain when I make rain
youre more than week sonny your eight days
and in this tourney you screwed the pooch
kinda like you ran a freight train on a great dane

We break things when my crew spittin
I don’t know a drew iza, ill tell you what drew isnt,
Fittin in if its real narrow to win we’d have to see a miracle
and more dirty moves than a wheelbarrow
yall double dare me to obliterate this obstacle?
His rhymes aint sharp he only penetrating prostsitues
That’s when I come in and pop his top like a bottle screw
This net-celebrity rehab ill leave you in need of a dr. drew"