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play hi-fi  I Am
play hi-fi  See it in My Eyes
play hi-fi  Blues Horse
play hi-fi  Sunblock 3000
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play hi-fi  Eyes So Bright
play hi-fi  Here & Now
play hi-fi  Cry Out
play hi-fi  Caught In A Crossfire
play hi-fi  Ice Scream
Vicious Yuppies is a Southern California band featuring Robert Kerns on guitar, keys and vocals, Robert Nicolas on guitar and vocals, Don Read aka Dr. Funk on bass guitar, and various session drummers. (They tend to go up in flames right before our eyes.)

Vicious Yuppies plays aggressive, yet melodic hard rock with elements of the blues, jazz, funk and heavy metal.
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Gives more control to the artists to produce and distribute their own music.
Band History:
Robert Nicolas and Robert Kerns met in 1981 and started jamming for fun and practice. Both guitarists always had other main projects going, but continued to remain good friends and play together whenever possible. They began forming Vicious Yuppies in 2000 and started the search for other musicians. Don Read answered a cleverly worded ad in the Recycler and joined up with the two Bob's to form the core of the band. Vicious Yuppies played a few shows with different drummers and then decided to do some recording, and that's where these songs came from.
Your influences?
Early Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Steve Vai, Nine Inch Nails, Robin Trower and Pat Travers. We like anything with crunchy loud guitars played by people who actually know how to play and a lot of stuff with dirty, evil sounding synths.
Equipment used:
The whole album was recording using Cakewalk's SONAR on the PC platform. Equipment used includes Brian Moore guitars, Fender Stratocaster and Fender basses, Carvin DC727 seven string guitar. Amps used are Carvin Legacy and Marshall 8220. Various software synthesizer plug-ins were used including Rapture and z3ta+.
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