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Marxist GRB Round 1 VS Algorhythm
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Sat Dec 13, 2008
HipHop : Hip Hop General
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you tried to play me, gave me 1/2 of the story
f*** it, i had to go back to the drawing board for em
and guess what i found me? a retard slore whoring
w/ her pregnant pussy pictures pictures posted over the forum,
good lord, u said u hated hibe & i do too
but i don't HATE hate hibe, uhn uh not like you
but answer this, why the f*** wouldn't you let that ditz
hang out to dry for sending hibe pix, it don't make sense
ain't no way i'da cried and tried to make him desist
i woulda linked her mama,like um, look at this bi***
but nah, you a insane clown pussy nigga
seeing bam bam bigalo when you look in the mirror
you shook, and it don't get any clearer
it don't take an algorithm to figure that ima sh*** on jactharipper
whats your attraction to that particular killa
from what i remember he killed whores, not f***in defend em
and that bi*** is a afflicted w/ downsyndrome
either that or had some chromosones missin
either way, i know it's against the law to be f***in retarded chickens
but damn, that's what the f*** you call slim pickins, listen
this ain't even a fraction of all my ammunition
if I used the whole arsenal you would get to slittin
if that bi*** is your definition of big pimpin
you lamer than i could have possibly ever envisoned
your wack ass even tried to cheat d omen
who the f*** who needs a voting ring to beat d omen?
all this dirt on him and you couldn't off him are you serious?
am i hearing this correctly? are you really this
kitty whipped and stupid? love struck and hit by cupid
w/ useless excuses for music, aw
dawg, you losing, not only this here battle
but at life, and your f***in wife resembles and animal
wow, and you ain't got no rhythm,
this weak clown couldn't catch a beat down by an older sibling
that horror core sh*** aint poppin neither it never was
that voting ring you got can't stop me it never does
you can't knock me, you built up sloppy ya life sucks
and god hates you just that much