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In 1998, a seventeen year old kid decided to give himself one last chance and write decent music, instead of the crappy 3 minute love songs he kept conjuring up. He made up a plan to make exciting music that was based on emotion. If he failed, he would stop writing music forever. The attempt ended after he finished a song called ‘Driving With Open Eyes’, centred around himself and his inability to deal with his problems head on. It became the benchmark of how his music should be written: personal, emotional and powerful. RdG, now a 27 year old man, resides in the east of the Netherlands, in a little room in the attic, where he writes and records his musical endeavours. His musical stories, categorised as ‘concepts’, are either based on fiction or real life experiences he experienced himself, adding to the emotional level of the music. He is currently recording his first musical outing, which will hopefully see the light in the foreseeable future.
Your influences?
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Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Rush, Marillion, Fish, Frost*, Kino, Porcupine Tree, Threshold, IQ, Arena, Steve Hackett, Spock's Beard.
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