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Crymson Star Productions
Instrumentals with Hooks
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play hi-fi  Youthful
play hi-fi  Last Day Of The Summer
play hi-fi  That Special Someone
play hi-fi  Living Legends
play hi-fi  Beautifully Destructive Attraction
play hi-fi  Potential
play hi-fi  Let go
play hi-fi  Ambition, Drive
play hi-fi  The Distance
play hi-fi  Helpless
I am Jay Talbayne, Lead Audio Engineer of Warriors Entertainment. As Lead Audio Engineer, I make beats, provide Audio Mixing, and audio Mastering. Crymson Star Productions is an alternate name for me as an engineer.
Why this name?
Crymson Red is my Favorite color and the Night sky is one of my favorite things to look at. So i just put the two together. Jay Talbayne comes from a character in a video game called DarkStalkers. It is derived from the character Jon Talbain.
Do you play live?
I live stream on sundays at
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It depends on the situation
Band History:
I started making Beats at 15 Years old. It first Started out as a hobbie, but then it slowly became a passion. After i graduated from High school i attended Frostburg State University where I met Curtis Eeady, who was beginning an organization called Eclectic 1 which later formed into Warriors Entertainment.
Your influences?
I always liked Hip Hop. Growing up i listened to Eric B and Rakim, Notorious B.I.G Kool G Rap, The Fatboys. I was exposed to these artists and more all the time because my father was DJ who used to spin records all the time in his basement. Growing older i listened to Nas, Jay Z, Ludacris, LOX, Beanie Sigel and more. Outside of hip hop I enjoy rock music. Some of my favorite bands are Paramore, Evanescence, and Breakin' Benjamin
Equipment used:
FL Studio, Behringer Europower PMP 5000, MPC 500, Adobe Audition, Cubase 5
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