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Real Lives
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People hearing REAL LIVES say they hear a lot
of influences from many top Rock groups
of the 70's & 8Os. They like the fact that
the debut CD "Dysfunctional Paradise" deals
with many different issues regarding human
behavior and the state of the world today.
During the first week of the band's songs
being offered online at SoundClick,
the first songs uploaded by REAL LIVES
shot up the Rock and Roll sub-genre charts.
Marked by SoundClick's listeners, as Hits
with "Hot icons." 1 week later they rose
to the Top Ten, and continued floating.

The band was and is gratefully blown away
by such, because it all happened quite by
surprize. It goes to show that if something
is good and has something to say, people will
find it or pass it along. The Internet is such
a great tool for artist these days!
Thanks again to all who dig what we are about.

The players in the band paid dues in a
number of bands over the years. Homebase
was on the outskirts of Providence in
Rhode Island, the infamous club, now gone
but not forgotten, that was turned into an
inferno by the band Great White's pyro show.

THE STATION nightclub was like a home gig
since years ago when it was originall called Cracker-Jacks.
The record release party would have been
there for all those who supported us.

The worst disaster in Rock's history,
on 2-20-03, was witnessed by the world on TV.
The Great White Fire, as it should be known,
because after all, the club wasn't on fire
when the openner left the stage, but let's
not get into this still very sore subject at
this juncture...
The Fire...claimed many of our friends
including Tina "Blackie" Ayer, who was
to tour with us as a theatrical dancer/
/background singer. Our DJ pal from 94HJY
Michael Gonsalves-The Doctor-Dr.Metal
was also a friend, who along with GW's
Ty Longley sacrificed their lives breaking
windows and helping others escape, rather
than evacuating out the backstage door.

The album's dedicated to our friends
now on the other side, and to all victims
who we hope get strong enough to see themselves
as survivors of this Dysfunctional Paradise
and the tragedies that take place here.
Why this name?
The band's name reflects what it is all
about -> Real Lives.
So much in the world is so negative.
Nobody can single-handedly change the
world, but we all can reach out as
individuals, or as a concentrated group
effort, to light the way with truths and
compassion, to make things a little better.
The more people do this, the more we all can change the world, for many real lives affected.
Do you play live?
We are planning shows with a number of
interested promoters for gigs in both the
U.S. and abroad. We might be appearing with
a few well known acts who really liked what
they heard so far from REAL LIVES.
When guys with big hits under their belts,
who we all admire for their talent and
music, like your music, it really knocks us
off our feet, leaving us all feeling not worthy.

Sponsors and promoters are currently being lined up and it all looks very cool and promising.
Grab The Free REAL LIVES Music, by clicking
on the Music Link, near the top, to the right.

Enjoy the music, and get ready for,
a concert to remember, at a city near you.
Email us anytime, and we urge all to join
our Mailing List, so we can update you.
Write us about the coolest Rock Venues in
your area and we'll try to get out there.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Ask any good band with strong hooks and something
to say, what it feels like to get emails from all around the world without a major tour or label?
What more can you say?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
When we hear the right offer to do our
2nd CD which will be a live album called,
that will include some memorable covers
as well as the originals off our debut
"Dysfunctional Paradise" we may decide to.

This live album is a project we planned to be
recorded live at different shows and venues all
across the US and possibly Europe.

It's to be a high energy live album we want
the fans to be in on, and a part of the sound.
A behind the scenes, and live onstage DVD is
also planned for this show's tour.
Dysfunctional Paradise
Band History:
We all paid dues in both original/cover bands,
and tribute bands all over the New England area.
Some toured the East coast in many of these.
Your influences?
Turn on your stereo and tune in a good Classic Rock radio station. Then listen to that station
for about a month and make a list of all the songs and artist that rock your socks off.
Those are our influences. Sorry to be a wise ass
but if we tried to list them all, we'd surely end
up leaving many we forgot about, out.
To this day, people hear a song and tell us it reminds them of a band we never thought about when we recorded the song in question. It's always something different. One guy hears KISS,
while another says Guns and Roses, another says
NO ALICE COOPER, another says Extreme, etc...
One person told me Marching on reminded them of
Allman Bros. I was confused and said really???
Most people identify the guitars of that song with classic BOSTON styles while others says the vocal reminds them of Living Colour. Go figure?
A guitarist pal of mind says people hear different things in new music and I guess he is right because the comments we hear are always of
different groups from the past.
Favorite spot?
Wherever I am singing at that moment.
Sometimes it's a local club on karaoke night
where I get to break in songs from the CD
to see the reaction from people who haven't heard us yet, while hanging out with friends.
Equipment used:
It's a well gaurded secret. Listen to the songs and then tell me. If you guess correctly I'll
let you know.I like to joke around and make
people smile.
Anything else...?
The song Heaven's Light (Tina's Song) is for all who know the pain of losing a friend or a
loved one. We ask if you take this song we offer
freely, that you "on your honor" send a doantion
to THE STATION FIRE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION to help build the memorial to all those who crossed over
from THE STATION NIGHT CLUB Fire on 2/20/03.

We ask you send $2.20 to help build the memorial
for the people who crossed during this awful fire
witnessed by the world for days on global TV.

You can mail your $2.20 to:

The Station Fire Memorial Foundation
PO Box 513
Coventry, RI 02816

or you can go here to use a debit or c.c.
to make the donation online and save a stamp.
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