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Welcome to this little peice of Nowhere.

Devinion is my musical ambition, some of which come to life, while others, find thier way to an old cassette storage drawer.

They are songs that I basicaly always wanted to hear,
and since no one else was writing them, I thought,
"what the hell, why not". and if anyone else likes this music, then that is great.

So take a listen, drop me an e-mail, tell me what you think, good/bad/indifferent/other.

I Thank You For Stopping By.
Why this name?
A misinterpretation of the words "The Vineyard", from a discussion with my brother in law, back in 1994 that stuck with me.
Do you play live?
Not at the moment.
Possibly soon, an acoustic set at The Muddy Cup, Staten Island.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has it's good points, and it's bad points.
We aren't selling 3-5 million albums a year, so it works for us in getting the music heard, as the joke of what is on the radio nowadays, and why some of that music is played, is mind numbing.

I understand why a band or record label would get upset if an entire album is leaked before it's released.

But these things happen, and before they go crucifying the fans, they should look at themselves, as it was most likely someone one on the inside, who had access to the unreleased album in the first place.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It's not high up on my to do list, but I would.
But I see/know how the industry is, and I know what is real, as in, they are a money driven industry, and if you can't sell, then, you know, nothing personal, just business.
Band History:
(as of October 2003)
Thomas Creegan-

Before Devinion-
Some of the songs were written as bits and pieces as far back as 1991.Little things recorded with
an old Panosonic tape recorder.

1993/1994-A song I wrote called "Death", was recorded on a 2 track machine with my friend Chris Refano playing keyboards, and I playing guitar/singing.

April 1995-
Enter John Scarpelli.
A mutual friend gave John a copy of the above song, "Death", and John wanted to put a drum track to it,
When he called me a few days later, he asked if he could join my band.

We met up at Moravian with acoustic guitars, and I showed him some stuff I was working on, as did he for me.

During the next few months we just met up and practiced, on, and on.

November 1995-
We record the song "Rose Petals" with a "financial donation" from Roy M. Greaux of
at a studio in Manhatten, but, it really didn't turn out so good, so it was scratched.

January-September 1996-
We go to Belome Studios on Staten Island, with owner/engineer Tom Devito and re-record "Rose Petals" which turned out awesome, along with the other songs that become the Devinion cd
"Suicides Little Angel"
"Rose Petals", "The Garden Of Bleeding", "Julia's Sleep", "Lullabye", "The Harbinger", "Dream's Nightmare (an ending of sorts)"

November 1996-
John leaves the band.

January 1997-
The cd is done.
Produced by Thomas Creegan
Mixed By Thomas Creegan/Tom Devito

Summer 1997-
WSIA-88.9 college radio show "Local Yocals"
play "Rose Petals" and "The Harbinger" on thier Sunday Broadcast.

Writing and demoing various songs, with various people, with the hopes of doing a new cd or two.

And the future of this is lookin brighter and brighter...
Your influences?
In a very big nut shell...
My Favourites being-
The Cure and Black Sabbath ('69-'79)
(in no particular order)
Peter Murphy, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Dead Can Dance, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, Lydia Lunch, The Magick Powerhouse Of Oz, Concrete Blonde, Joy Division, London After Midnight, Deathboy, Christian Death/Shadow Project/Rozz Williams, Misfits/Samhain/Danzig, Black Label Society, Nine Inch Nails, Iron Maiden, Tori Amos, Cocteau Twins, Sinead O'Connor, Type-O-Negative, Slayer, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Morbid Angel ('89-'95), Danny Elfman, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere with my Wife and Daughter.
Moravian, at night.
The Limelight, NYC (RIP)
Near the ocean.
Sleeping long hours.
The DVD section at Best Buy.
Generation Records, NYC.
Chiller Theatre Convention.
The Outback Steakhouse
Any day from October 1st-February 28th.

Equipment used:
Gibson Guitars
Ovation Acoustic Guitars
Charvel Bass
BC Rich Bass
Korg Keyboards
Casio Keyboards
Anything else...?
Umm, I like Chinese food.
And cereal.
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