Funky Area
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Funky song in the James Brown Style. Hot babes and cool grooves.
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Bob Both plays a mix of funk/rock/jazz styles blending tight instrumental riffs with unique vocals, influenced by The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, James Brown and 70's funk/jazz. Bob made his first record "Christian Woman" at age 17, released on his own Twain Records September 10, 1970. His second record "Good Day" (available here) was released on February 18, 1971. Since then Bob has written, produced and recorded songs in many different styles, as a solo artist, with bands and as producer/engineer to many other artists. Today Bob continues to write and record songs in various styles. Explore Bob's continuing musical journey and enjoy the trip.
Band History:
Bob Both is best known for his work as engineer/producer with legendary R&B artist JAMES BROWN. For more info on Bob's career with James Brown visit You can watch a video interview with Bob at
Bob is also a musician, producer, arranger and songwriter. This page features some of the many songs he has produced, arranged and recorded with bands, as a solo artist and with other artists.
Bob Both started playing guitar at age 11, influenced by The Beatles. He started his first band in the 8th grade. Bob played guitar in bands throughout high school and started writing his own songs, recording them on a stereo tape deck in his bedroom. After high school Bob attended art school for 1 year and then quit to pursue a career in the music business. He released a 45 RPM record "Good Day" in early 1971 on his own label, Twain Records and started Twain Music.
In November 1971, just after he turned 19, Bob got a job working as an A&R assistant at Polydor Records in New York City. There Bob learned the principals of record production and met James Brown. In 1972 Bob became James Browns recording engineer, production supervisor and A&R Director. Bob worked on 12 James Brown albums including the miliion sellers "Get On The Good Foot", "The Payback" and "Doin' It To Death".
During this time Bob was also playing and recording with two good friends Andy Sweetser (drums) and Duncan Cleary (guitar). They played out as a cover band called SWEET AIR and recorded under the name" Labor/Dressing". There was a lot of music created by these three guys (about 5 albums worth) between 1971 -76. The songs ranged from jazz/funk instrumentals to Zappa style vocals. Some of the songs are posted here. The recordings were done in a small 8 track studio Bob had put together in his parents basement.
By 1975 Bob's career with Brown was in full swing and he purchased a house in West Milford, NJ. In 1976 Bob built Twain Recording in his home and when he left James Brown in 1977 he turned the studio into a 16 track commercial operation. While running the studio Bob continued to play in bands. From 1977- 80 he played bass in ADAM , a cover band playing five nights a week. The bands guitarist was his good friend Tom Spingler. They recorded many demos at Twain Studios. They were shopped to record labels by an advertising executive who took an interest in the band, but they failed to get a record deal. Bob and Tom also recorded many of Toms songs as a duo.
In 1983 Bob put together a Jimi Hendrix tribute show called Voo Doo Child. It featured slide projections that were timed to the music, sound effects and a light show. The show got good reviews but was complex to stage, so after it's premier in a local club, Bob decided to move on to other things. Bob left live performing for about 5 years after Voo Doo child and concentrated on recording and producing. During this period one of the projects Bob produced, arranged and performed on was an album for songwriter/singer Tom Storms, who had just left a popular regional band called THE WATCH.
Bob returned to live performing in 1987 playing duo gigs with former ADAM band mate and long time friend singer/songwriter, Tom Spingler . With a renewed interest in live performing Bob then performed as a solo artist for 14 years (1988-2001) playing covers and originals in clubs and bars in NJ and NY working with midi tracks of over 400 songs that he sequenced himself.
Bob revisited his role as bass player in 1996 when he once again teamed up with ex-band mates Tom Spingler & Bob Van Dyke to form the Country rock band NORTHFIELD. They recorded one independent CD but split up in 1998. Bob continued his solo performing while teaching Pro Tools recording courses at William Paterson University and Ramapo College of NJ (1993-2006). Busy with teaching and his studio work Bob took another break from live performing from 2001- 2006. In August 2006 Bob returned to the stage joining the classic rock band THE ROCKAHOLICS on guitar and vocals.
In 2014 Bob got a renewed passion to produce, arrange and perform some new solo recordings. He has been recording several solo projects each year, keeping his approach fresh and refining his identity as a recording artist and producer.
Currently Bob continues to operate Twain Recording , producing and recording local and regional acts and performing with "The Rockaholics" for fun several times a month.

Your influences?
The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, 70's Funk/jazz, The Who, The Stones, James Brown
Equipment used:
1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom and Guild S-200 Thunderbird guitars, Fender P-Bass Special, Vox VT120 and Marshall Artist 3202 amplifiers, Roland ME-70 effects pedal, Hofner Beatle Bass, Pro Tools 10.
Anything else...?
Bob is available for engineering, mixing and production projects in various musical genres. He can work with you remotely, at his own studio or any studio of your choice. You can contact him at with your project requirements.
Bob in 1967 with Epiphone Granada Guitar
1967 live performance
1968 playing with old friend Tom Hoffman
1968 " The Rueful Four"
1971 Promo photo
1971 "Good Day" Record label
1972 "Sweet Air" with Ducan Cleary & Andy Sweetse
Voo Doo Child Promo Flyer 1983
1988 with Tom Spingler
1989 Promo photo
1988 Verfs Pub, - Riverdale, NJ
1989 Verfs Pub
1994 live at the Long Pond Marina
1996 Northfield
2009 "The Rockaholics"
2012 Rockaholics Thunder In The Highlands Concert
Rockaholics at Bubbling Springs 7/8/14
Rockaholics Bubbling Spring concert 2015
Rockaholics at West Milford Fireworks 7/2/16
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