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Skull Buxed Grb Rd1 vs warbux
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Bishop(MagicFX) vs warbux rd 1 grb.
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Mon Dec 15, 2008
HipHop : Hip Hop General
Take charge
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U claim ur mind is great but show no signs of innovating… in plus bux stuck cuz old school raps he's imitating… u better think twice if u think that you're intimidating... from the looks of ya pic ur bones are disintegrating… & hot weather is your baddest state… cuz you sweat so much that you'd EVAPORATE!!... I'm on a level that bux aint even passing' yet... Better hope that u can back it fore u cash that check... Yo its about to get hot in here like artillery heat… & for the record I wrote this to an R&B beat… A bunch of ignorant bi***es the only kind you beat… so with a forehead big as yours... think before you speak… I got a problem with low budget thugs who swear they’re doing things… But I’m a show u slow motherf***ers how to do it big… you’re a motherf***ing has been who hasn’t been worth a cent since the day Ness cashed that ass in… I heard that battle with Ness Lee… Dude I’m bout to smash u and they’ll have to arrest me… for causing ur frail body to fall to cardiac arrest… nobody’s doing CPR with that stanking ass breath… I'm something like a thriller… so bux best hang on… see he ain’t a true guerilla… got no chest to bang on… you're a f***ing scrub... tryna teach dz how to hollar... both been rapping' 8 years and still aint worth a dollar (bux)… your whole rap career ill Chris carried u on crutch... if u were half as nice as me you'd be worth a billion Bux … I can take your heart and soul... but it's how I abuse it… cause I can f*** you up… and I'm strictly R&B music!!... a dumbell and a girl… is something you aint picking-up... you could never fill my tracks... cuz your shoes aint big enough?... let's compare verses… mine give the right stitches... this dude say LIKE more than a bunch of white bi***es… got this fool praying more than a bunch of white Christians… I’m baffling u bastards giving out aneurisms… Im accurate with statistical info… and nine times outta ten… your type winds up in limbo… in a rundown motel… smoking rock with a bimbo… f*** who you messing wit? my names not worth a mention?... listen BUX… you best sit down and shut it, like you sitting in detention… dial 1800getflow 1-2-1-2 the extension… and try and beg for some lessons … when it comes to this battle sh*** I’m totally morbid… when it comes to your women you’re more some like norbit… My best advice would be to stop the dissing… heard u like to squat to piss but got no pot to piss in… Bishop vs bux in the GRB... ha... first round smell sweet victory… listen up redneck... u a lyin bloody bi***... cuz ur the only hitman I know with a buddy list... and this f***er must be poison cuz his face is skull and bones... and u know he's scared to show it cuz his face is still unknown...
so he hides in DZ's basement to evade the daily norm... in this battle Bux is lucky if he can outweigh the storm...
the damage i cause to vaginal is some like a twister... dont believe me then run home n ask ya sister...
listen up mister... take a swig of listerine... cuz ur f***ing breathe be stinking like a day old murder scene...
Im allergic to Bux cuz he's full of bi*** assness... so i came to battle that with an anti-histamine...
yawl think bux insane he aint sh*** sitting next to me... i'll get this nut clipped like a damn vasectomy...
I'm immune to disease your illest sh*** ain't infectin me... and by the end of this battle you best be respectin me...
biology 101 cuz I stay disecting B...-U-X'd me out n that was your first mistake... now im a fix it correctively...
ya stuck on an island with a strain of leprecy... lucky charm ass leprechaun should've brought ya best to me...
I bet your sad as f*** cuz O.J. had to invest in me... this the way to cook rappers you just bought the recipe...