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XDuke72-Vs-Li'l C
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2008-2009 GRB round 1 XDuke72-vs-Li'l C. Let's do this sh***....
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Sun Dec 14, 2008
HipHop : Battles/Disses
Take charge
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» highest in charts:   # 403   (1,778,896 songs currently listed in HipHop)
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NYC! U know where to find me, I smash lil c now his label wanna sign me
so homie stop popin lip, went to your myspace& thought yall were ROB & BIG
Brotherly love? nahh i don't play that, sounds like a label that promotes a lotta gay rap
Lil C stop acting like ya body hard, you scared you gotta rhyme with ya bodyguard
i ain't got one, but i got nines, make ya video have live shots like busta rhymes'
and ya boy, just acting goon, i'll pull a pin and pop him like a hot air balloon
it don't matter if you black or white u da new vanilla ice and ya man suge knight
bring ya "A" game or you better back out, it won't take 7 rounds for you to get pacquiod
first round KO i'm da new paq man the ref holding up three fingers and you saying you batman
hit with a short left, popped with a long right, get ya man a snickers cause it's gonna be a long night
cop dem thangs, i Pop dem thangs, red bull ain't da only shots that gives you wings!
he a lower case "c" i can't c him, i'm a gladiator i sell out colesiums
she's not mine, but you can catch me in his bm, dats his baby mama, i luv da drama (what?!)
he ain't real, lil c be fakin/ he better stick to skiing or maybe skatin'
you already know how i do! he a jammie kennedy rapper, straight out da BU!
..............blaze him quick! awwww they got a cute lil interaccial relationship
BUT! he's not me and they not him, them days been over since dre signed em
and that hairstyle been over since dre signed slim! somebody tell me where'd they find him?
U thought it was gonna b easy, thought U was gonna play me? slay me? have ya body missing like caylee!
black bandanas i spaz with da hammer and my clique gorillas cause my clips bananas
give it to you thru da web like email spammers u better off doing features with hannah montana
boi i'm nice with the grammar, something like obama! i got da kilo flow and you're just a gram-er
i'm not playing, c you're just a lame! jose conseco snitch in the game
no AOL but i'm itching to AIM! the 6 shotter that's 6 in ya frame!