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Mike Fife
NEWS   Collaborative work recently with Tim Green.
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play hi-fi  One Way or Another
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play hi-fi  Notion
play hi-fi  Something's Gotta Change
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play hi-fi  Take a look around you.
Why this name?
It's my name
Do you play live?
Live around Wakefield, Sheffield and Leeds areas with the Sinners.
Your influences?
Talking Heads, Bowie, The Blue Nile, Kate Bush, Joe Jackson
Favorite spot?
I'm not telling you that, the best thing is that there are so few people there!
Equipment used:
Guitars: Godin Solidac, Epiphone 335 DOT, Fender Jazz, Jazz Fretless, Custom 6 string Fretless Bass, Washburn D10 Acoustic, Tanglewood Bowl Back, Tanglewood 12 string.
Keys: Yamaha Clavinova, Roland SH201, Korg R3
Percussion: Roland TD9/EK
Mixer: Soundcraft Spirit Folio
Outboard: Alesis Midiverb, Alesis 3630 compressor
Recording: Alesis ADAT XT, Boss Micro BR, Focusrite 8i6, Reaper.
Microphone: Rode NT1A, Shure SM58, SM57.
Amps: Hartke 3500, VX410, Peavey CX1000.
Birmingham Station
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