Fear The Dead
NEWS   We're currently in the process of writing stuff and getting the band situated. We have some new songs available for download on our music page. Any questions/ comments/ suggestions are appreciated. Don't expect much in the near future. 9-12-05
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play hi-fi  Hackbraten├╝berraschung
play hi-fi  Hackbraten├╝berraschung Part 2
play hi-fi  Poultry Panic
play hi-fi  Angry Burger 7
play hi-fi  Cupcake
play hi-fi  Echos over the lake
play hi-fi  Retro Song
play hi-fi  What has been left behind
play hi-fi  Requiem
play hi-fi  The Nameless
Fear The Dead is basically a band that gets together and plays music just to play music. We don't play live yet and we're not looking to make a cd in the near future.
Why this name?
It was a random thing we didn't put much thought into it because when it comes to music names don't mean a whole lot in my humble opinion.
Band History:
We're still working on getting a regular bunch in the band.
Your influences?
Our music tends to be simple and melodic, it's hard to really narrow down specific influences but you'll hear a lot of musical elements of other bands
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