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Just when you thought nothing good came out of West Texas, the psychotically smooth funktacular grooves of JayDoze leave us with a little more promise. Also recognized as the energetic front man for Ethel's Axewound, his improvisational lyrics mixed with an unmatchable delivery put him in a league of his own.

-Skeeter McWifebeater A.K.A. Ryan S. Crone (June 2, 2009)

I had to come back, the times have changed and so has my message. WAKE UP AMERICA! Shake out of your slumber. -Jacob "JayDoze" Homer. (Feb 1st 2013)
Why this name?
Because it's original. I AM the VERY first JayDoze. also My name is Jay so it's like a play on words... "What does Jay do? He Doze."
Do you play live?
Whenever I can. Wherever it really doesn't matter to me. Yes.yeah once at the country club in Canyon lake Texas I preformed a freestyle on "Stage" in front of 50+ middle aged White folk. It absolutely erupted as soon as I finished. Free beer a runaway golfcart and being confronted for using the womens restroom... By a woman.Fun night.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well now ppl can hear my material with GREAT ease.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the offer really.
Band History:
I started Freestyling for fun back in 98, when I was 11. I never really did it around any one accept my band-mate until about twenty oh two. (The Mid-Bush years) When I was hanging out with local urban youths and some hoodlum Mexicans who all laughed at the prospect of A "White boy" freestyling So I drowned their laughs forthwith with the waves of my flow, Making some of them late to the bus. So now I've been doing it pretty much where ever I feel like.
I started to write songs about 6 years ago but I mainly spend my music time freestyling and mixing. It wasn't until recently That I've been Writing Song after song Witch most if not all of my songs have been written in 2 hours or less.(That's time actually at the keyboard)
Most of the better ones have been written in as little as 20 to 40 minutes in entirety at one sitting. (=Refer to "I'm Dope"=) over all I'd say, "I'm not done,I'm not done by a Longshot mister."
Your influences?
It started when I was 8 or 9, with Al Yankovic believe it or not. I remember hearing this song "Amish paradise" And I thought to myself... "Hmmm... He can make an entire song up around the basics of an existing song and still make a living doing it, Why can't I make original music?" The answer of course is I can... and have and will continue to do so.
Favorite spot?
Abilene Texas sucks so tremendously, and yet it's my roots....
Equipment used:
Olympus brand Digital voice recorder, Acoustica MP3 Audio mixer, LK-90Smart media Casio Keyboard, Honer Harmonica(Key of C), and My Big ass Brain.
Anything else...?
I had a damn stroke and an epiphany at the same time, The old me DIED. I came back from beyond Death's Icy grip and intend to RIP away the blindfold of this world, one track at a time. Political HipHop folks, It's what I do now.
smoke wood
the dragon
My Qualm
Drawing by Skeeter
Lil' Jay
JayDoze & Skeeter
Jay & his brother "Homersexual"
JD w/ Dopey & Skeeter
JayDoze & Slaughter Man Zach
JayDoze sitting at the helm
Ridin' in the back of the bus
Tha Chad
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