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Tear Down the Sink, Dear (music video)
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'Official' music video for Brent Santin's instrumental 'Tear Down the Sink, Dear'.
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My name is Brent Santin. I am a musician & instrument maker specializing in the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and Canada. My primary instrument is the wooden flute (often called the Irish flute), but I play the tin-whistle, bodhran, bones, mandolin, tenor banjo and button accordion as well.

I've performed in various bands and other musical incarnations over the past fifteen years. I've even done a bit of touring across Canada & into the United States. I've performed on television and had my music played on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Radio).

I started to teach myself to make Irish flutes about ten years ago and now make about a half dozen flutes per year. I've also made - and published an article about how to make - the Irish goatskin drum (bodhran).
Band History:
I've played in the following traditional Celtic music bands: The Spleen Bishops, The Hoolies, GreanStalk, The Duncan Cameron Band, Haggis & Ecclecticelt. Some of these have music here on Soundclick (check them out).
Your influences?
Matt Molloy, Frankie Kennedy, Pat O'Gorman, Loretto Reid, Mary Bergin, Ossian & others.
Equipment used:
Wooden flutes of my own manufacture.
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