Joey Trife
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East Coast
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Virgil Brian
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play hi-fi  Color Me gone
play hi-fi  Virgil's-Heartland Flyer
play hi-fi  Virgil's-Subway Ratpack
play hi-fi  Virgil's-I Want You Back-remix2-10-aug-09
play hi-fi  Riveria Paradise
play hi-fi  The Highlands
play hi-fi  In Trance
play hi-fi  Virgil's-I Want You Back
i've been on the road all my life (in cover bands),,wanted to put my ideas out there and not be pegged into just one style,,I want to do soundtracks,country,blues,jazz,rock, prog,,,what ever i feel like at the time,,,,I've been exposed to so much music over my life time,,I want to give back to others to enjoy
Why this name?
my parents gave it to me,,lol
Do you play live?
just getting started
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
wish I had all this available 20yrs ago
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If money was right,,and I stayed in control!
Band History:
this could take some time,,lol,,played tenor sax in a jazz combo,playing weddings -nursing homes,ball games,,anywhere we could,,,then played bass in rock bands,got on a tour playing air force bases,,then wanted more money,,so I went on the road playing bass In country bands,,,then switched to keyboards and played on the casino circuit,,, tired of all the drama of working with others and decided to go it my own,where i call the shots,,got a pc and cubase4,,and here I am,,lol
Your influences?
to me theres only two types of music,,good and bad,style doesnt matter,,,influenced by Bach,big bands,frank zappa,Yes,isoa tomita,,ELP,dean martin,,man this list could go on and on forever.......
Equipment used:
conrad hollow body beatle bass,peavy fondation bass,concert mate 1000,,Korg sr wave station,yamaha p-90 88key,,M-audio 88key midi controller running to a behringer mixer,then to a tascam fw-1082 controller mixer,,dell inspiron530 with quadcore,cubase4,,,,5 piece ludwig drums
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