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New School
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Release date: 11/26/08
Number of Tracks: 14
Price: $3

Platinum Element has over 29 copies sold

"ur album is pretty legit.. no lieeee" - Steven Kozar (Facebook)
"it's in my car lol" - Mike Onorato (AIM)
"We may see him in the Madison Square Garden one day" - Mr. Fogarty (School)
"Yo, you got talent for this stuff" - Brian Sloan (In my car)
"It's pretty good." - Tyler Ardizzone (AIM)
"Wow, that's pretty impressive." - Tom Sanderson (AIM)
"hey man i heard some of your tracks on that site. dude they are amazing" Matt Beer (Facebook)
"This is the best album I ever listened to in my whole entire life!!!!" - Joe Schmo (umm)

You want to be in songs, tell me.

J-Yoon is currently in a group called JT Squared.

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AZN Records

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