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Loss Prevention
NEWS   ((LOSS PREVENTION VOL.2)) ...coming soon!
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Loss Prevention VOL. 1 MIXTAPE is now FREE to download! You can take the ENTIRE album, or only songs you like. Make sure to leave us some feedback so we know how you like it. Let us know what we can do better! THANKS!
Why this name?
We got the name, Loss Prevention, from a local group that witnesses about Jesus to people in Miami, Florida. Having gone out and witnessed with the group myself, I asked if we could use the name. They had no problem with that. We still stay in close contact with them because ultimately they are a part of our team and an inspiration to us.
Do you play live?
Live performances are the whole reason we do this. That interaction with people and our ability to share our message is a great opportunity for us.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I'm lovin this internet thing because it gives artists the chance to play their music to people they may not be able to reach. Not only to local people, but to people across the planet. Besides, it's expensive otherwise. This is FREE!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Possibly, but thats not the goal. Our team would most likely gain sponsors and raise funding for our projects like that.
Band History:
In early 2000, Redline Entertainment joined with Litscript, to form a team of christian hip-hop artists and musicians. With producers Derrick The Red, THUNDAKATZ, and King Siah, they began recording albums and mixtapes to MAINLY market to the secular music market, rather than the christian market (although we also do it for our fellow christians).
Your influences?
Every musician that has ever been alive has somehow influced us. Wether they have demonstarted what NOT TO DO, or inspired in us something TO DO. There's nothing new under the sun, and nothing original, but we strive to be unique.
Favorite spot?
I can't call that one. Miami's great, but there's nothing like being somewhere different.
Equipment used:
Our main production team, the THUNDAKATZ, have been using the KORG Triton Rack for some time now, however they have been known to branch off into other sound modules.
Anything else...?
The main goal of this site is to give people the opportunity to experience GOOD christian music. Just like any form of rap or other types of music, our music tells a story. This music was made to tell people about Jesus, the Son of God, and how He gave up his life so that we don't give up ours eternally. The message is AMAZING, so we strive to make the music the same.