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Black Ice 9
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Solo project featuring dark electronic instrumental music with cinematic/gametrack elements. styles vary, mixing genres such as Industrial, Drum and Bass and Hard Trance with ethnic and symphonic elements to create musical soundscapes.
Why this name?
If you're curious on the origin of my tag, check the following links: /Ice_9, /Black_ice.
Band History:
I've always been passionate about music. I have a bit of classical piano and over 20 years experience as a guitar player in various styles. Started producing electronic music in 2006. I am also active on the Acid Planet site (, and to a lesser extent myspace ( I have had two tracks included on the "Opening Windows" series of CDs, 'Aenigmata' (vol 3) and 'Beyond the Obsidian Sands' (vol 4).

Through the SoundClick 'critics corner' forum, I've had two tracks rated 'must have' by the prolific Steve Gilmore:
Your influences?
For a few related to the stuff I'm doing on this project: Juno Reactor, NIN, Tool/APC, Dead Can Dance, Suicide Commando, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Spor.
Equipment used:
Sequencers: Mainly Cubase (Reason and Reaper on occasion)
HW Synths: Access Virus TI, Yamaha Motif XS8
SW Synths: Omnisphere, Rob Papen Predator, Zebra2, NI Massive, Absynth, Kore 2
Drums: Stylus RMX, Battery 3, SD2
Sample libraries: East West Quantum Leap (SO/SC/RA/SD2/VoP), Kontakt, Sony loop libraries, random stuff off the 'net.
Mastering: Izotope Ozone
Monitors: Dynaudio BM6a MKII, M-Audio Bx10 sub
Keyboard: Motif + Axiom 49
Guitar: PRS CE, GSP2101 preamp, GK amp
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