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St. Alia of the Knife
NEWS   Hello friends, work on a new album is nearly done. The easy part is over anyway. The music is done, recorded, FINISHED. Damn thing just needs lyrics and vocals now. I'll be working with someone for that part and it's not how I've gone about it in the past. It could be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy or it could take a while. The music is great if I don't say so myself. It's a mix Nick Drake guitars and Mum beats. I might put up some of the new songs sans-vocals if anyone shows intrest.
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play hi-fi  Good Monster
play hi-fi  Rick James: Matador
play hi-fi  The Loophole
play hi-fi  With No Teeth
play hi-fi  Our Fight Song
play hi-fi  You Think
play hi-fi  So It Goes
play hi-fi  False Hope
play hi-fi  Heart
play hi-fi  Pimples & Pixiedust
A Steaming Pile of Everything
Why this name?
Alia is a character in the fantastic Dune books. She’s complicated (like all interesting women). She struggles and she fails but she is ultimately epic. The wonderful beautiful things she did out weigh her faults and that’s what I hope my music does.
Do you play live?
I’m working on playing with prerecorded backing tracks. Still looking for the right mix of what to play live and what I can actually sing and play at the same time. Look for it in the near future.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I love how personal it is. I’m a shy person and wouldn’t be up to doing all the things it takes to be really successful in the music industry but I want to share what I make. Maybe with all the access for so many people its all just noise but there might be someone out there making the greatest album ever in their bedroom right now. I want to hear it. I’m willing to sift through some crap to get a personal honest unfiltered work of art.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Oh hells yes. My first choice would be to get on a indie label (Matador is my favorite) but anyway that I can just make music for a living instead of working crap jobs or spending $50,000 finishing up my teaching degree… I work cheap anyway. Its not like a major label is going to be blowing thirty large every time I get an itch to record. I bet if you work cheap for them they are more likely to leave you alone.
Band History:
Not much of a history. I just played in some bands that I thought were pretty good but broke up. I tried to get a new band together but it never happened so I gave up and make music by my self now. I wish there was a cool story. I should make one up. should have a car chase in it.
Your influences?
I Jump around a lot. I’m kind of flightily and I yearn to experiment. Mostly what I do is a kind of loud indie rock guitar/old school synth bleep/skippy sputtery electronic beat/giant swelling orchestral thing. I don’t always do those things all at once. Sometimes I do. As for actual bands that I think pop up in my music: Pavement and Built to Spill guitars show up a lot. In failing to make Sufjan Stevens orchestral arrangements I think I end up with something original. I try to do big beats like the Chemical Brothers. My music contains some slow ambient swells like Icelandic bands Mum & Sigur Ros. I also try to make fun electronic based music like Aqueduct & the Postal Service.
Favorite spot?
My bedroom. I'm shy.
Equipment used:
I use fender Guitars mostly. I have a Jag-Stang that I’m supping up and a set-neck custom Telecster. I’m getting into a weird area now of playing just acoustic a lot so I’m using a wonderful Big Baby Taylor. As far as loops go I make them in Fruity Loops and Reason. I record onto Mixcraft and sometimes cakewalk.
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