LiL Medic Beats
'Thug' // YG x IAMSU! Type Beat
West Coast
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NEWS   Just finished with some newer ideas, busy finding some suitable samples to plonk in with the intention to get them up for you to listen to real soon, with maybe some more old stuff being uploaded once I can get it off minidisk.
Troydense cellphone performance
uploaded on
09/23/07 @ 09:12 PM     post a comment
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Shot on somebodys cellphone camera in downtown Vancouver BC.
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Better Days - J Cole Type Beat
Hip Hop
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Hola, Thanks for joining me today on this beautifully free webpage.
I hope whilst browsing these songs you find something of interest, I am currently trying to get some new ideas down; but heres a start.
Please leave a comment if you happen to like something, and I especially want to hear from you if you think this is the most banal crap you have ever experienced.
If you are new to the sounds of TrOyDeNsE, I recommend "The Wilberforce" as a first course, followed my a main of your choice.
Anyway, have fun and enjoy....Cheers.....TrOyDeNsE
Why this name?
Its just a name isn't it?
Do you play live?
Yes I play guitar and assorted gadgets in a Jazzy, Rocky type outfit, but this particular project is my solo thing which is pretty much just me mucking around in the studio/bedroom. Its more a production based thing.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well, without the internet I suspect you would probably not be here now. Without it though the dispersion would be fairly localised, It basically opens more doors, and windows.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
1974 - Musician born

1988 - Authorities are called in as strange sounds are heard emanating from the bedroom.

2003 - Those sounds are still there, but authorities are wise to the fact that it merely TrOyDeNsE recording his.......................
Your influences?
Analogue-Electro,Groove-ridden,Groove-hidden,No direction,Synth-padded,Guitar straddled bedroom melee.
Favorite spot?
Mole on my chest.
Equipment used:
Roland HS-60 Synth,Roland 303,Zoom sampler, Piece of sh*** computer,dictaphone, Ibanez Talman Guitar and various effect boxes and stuff thats a secret.
Anything else...?
Fill out the bloody message board if you've been here, I want feedback.
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