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Valerie Von Fange
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play hi-fi  Missionary of Charity
play hi-fi  When Smiles Fill My Eyes
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play hi-fi  I'm On My Way
play hi-fi  Till Trouble Do Us Part
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Valerie Von Fange is a musician/songwriter who's slogan is "music sharing the fullness of Christ's teachings". Her first desire is to inspire, not sell. Money is not a motive but it helps keep projects moving forward.

Valerie plays solo and with a band. Her band is a great mix of Christian guys who know their instrument and how to play with dynamic range and not just a bunch of loud noise. They cater to classic rock, Christian, and country crowds, but like to slide into blues and Latin now and again...some would say a nice mix!
Do you play live?
Yes, mainly local, but have travelled as far as California for performances
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Opens up a lot for the independent artist that wants to get his/her music in front of the right audiences
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Valerie has been performing for over 27 years. Her venues inclue concerts, church service, confrerences, festivals, wineries, restaurants and retirement homes playing styles such as classic rock, country, Latin, inspirational and oldies.

Band Performances~
Luray Evenings on Main
Front Royal Festival of Leaves
Rivendell Benefit Dances/Concerts

Valerie's Performances (by herself)~
EWTN Backstage Global Television
West Virginians for Life Benefit
Catholic Marketing Network Showcase
Lincoln Memorial Center
Your influences?
Amy Grant, Karen Carpenter, Plumb, Michael Buble
Favorite spot?
Medjugorje, Bosnia
Equipment used:
keyboard, PA
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