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Say Anything is a punk-influenced melodic rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Their first album, Junior Varsity can be described as the soundtrack for teenage guys, covering topics of first love, homework anguish and having your balls itch in the middle of class.
Why this name?
Say Anything was from that incredible 80's movie Say Anything. At first it was only one word "SayAnything" but somehow it was changed along the way.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
For an updated band history check out the band's wiki:

Max Bemis (Vocals/Guitar):
I have played piano since 3rd grade and the ol' guitar since 7th. I was horrible at guitar so i gave up on it but came back when in 9th i had a really bad heartbreak and i wrote my first song (sappy). people like it so i began to develop myself with an acoustic guitar. i almost put out a cd by myself but decided to form the band with my close friends evan and mike and coby who had been in a band with me before. And we lived happily ever after. I love all types of music, anything that genuinely touches you and or ROCKs. I also like a lot of punk, hardcore and emo. I like Nsync too and that country grammar song by nelly. oh and i once owned the shawn mullens cd. and i am proud of it.

Jacob Linder (Drums/Backup vocals):
Always been singing. I started piano at age 9 or so, took piano for a couple years, got sick of it. Took up the drums a year later. And I've been hooked on it ever since. I really like punk music. Some ska. MxPx is my favorite band, so they influence me a lot. Jazz drumming is pretty funky.
Your influences?
Nirvana, Dylan, Foo Fighters, Saves the day, Deftones Beatles, Green Day, Wilco, the Clash, Queen, Superchunk, Weezer, Smiths, Radiohead, Quicksand, Elliot Smith, Pavement, The Cars, Television, Velvet Underground
Anything else...?
If you're looking to get some SA songs, ones that you CAN'T BUY(including Was a Real Boy), check out the following:

Say Anything Tracklisting: