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play hi-fi  BBC Interview / Paper Lanterns
play hi-fi  CSI Nowhere
play hi-fi  Shakerley
play hi-fi  We Set Sail From Granadaland (on the BBC)
play hi-fi  She Never Said No At The Time
play hi-fi  A Torch Is A Case For Holding Dead Batteries
play hi-fi  The Blue Screen Of Death
play hi-fi  Born At Full Power
play hi-fi  Mr.Ahmadinejad's Nuclear Powered Tie-Rack
play hi-fi  Are We The Baddies?
Distant Guns are a two man recording army, whose mission is to explore the frontiers of the DIY ethic, by regularly releasing self-produced 4-track EPs.

CD releases are strictly limited, serial numbered and have handmade artwork that complements the EP?s theme, making each copy slightly unique. They cannot be purchased for love or money, but are sent out at random to fans on the Distant Guns mailing list.

'EP4: The Invisible Observer' released by Egress Records. Tracklisting:

'Paper Lanterns'

'Your Plans Are Just Lists Of Things That Won't Happen'

'Captain Birdseye And His Sh!t Mate'

'CSI: Nowhere'

Along with 'EP3: The Redundant Pioneer', it is available for download through Egress Records , Amazon and iTunes .

For Christmas 2009, our giveaway track was 'Arson Attack On A Christmas Tree' available FREE from Egress Records

All CD copies of 'EP1: The Complacent Pacifist' and 'EP2: The Peaceful Technophobe' have now gone and will NEVER be reissued... but the songs can be downloaded free from:

The DISTANT GUNS Soundclick Page

It's better quality than Myspace, which is an utter shed that can't even cope with substantial song titles, never mind high bit-rates.

If you would like the opportunity of receiving future releases, please email or sign up at Egress Records. Your observation reports, questions, poetry, recipes, death threats and offers of Florentine patronage are most welcome. Our pledge to you:

"We promise not to share your details with knobheads."

Why this name?
Because of distance and guns.
Do you play live?
Not at the moment (see previous question)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Not many Rolls-Royces plunging into swimming pools these days, are there?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. Anyway, the question should be: Would they have the BALLS to sign one with us?
Band History:
We only look forward.

Your influences?
Widescreen, windswept Northern indie
(Doves, Elbow, The Smiths, The Twilight Sad, Longview, Glasvegas).

(Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Talk Talk, GYBE)

Shoegaze / Dreampop
(Sigur Ros, Slowdive, Ride, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, July Skies, The Sundays)

US melodic hardcore
(Deftones, Pixies, Everclear, Sugar, Statistics, Guided By Voices)

And The Fall, who are unclassifiable.
Favorite spot?
The North.
Equipment used:
We use anything and everything...

Fender Jazzmaster & Stratocaster guitars, a medium chisel, Focusrite compressors, Fender Jaguar bass, Stella Artois, Boss pedals (especially the PS-3 Pitchshifter / Delay), birdsong, Ashdown bass amplification, Soundforge, Garrison G-30 acoustic guitar, Rode microphones, E-fects Scrambl-E & Bias Fuzz pedals, righteous anger, Eventide Eclipse, 9V batteries, SONAR, Roland XV-5050, kitchen scissors (get an adult to help you), Vox amplifiers, Dr.Rhythm DR-55, Robert Keeley FX, Lexicon Vortex, toy xylophone, Rickenbacker 360 12-string guitar, Hohner Harmonium, rally cars, Ampeg amplification, Electro-Harmonix POG2, home-made piezo contact microphones, "Magnetic" cider, Olympus S914 cassette dictaphone with dying batteries, Line 6 M13, E13 Truly Beautiful Disaster, Fredric Grumbly Wolf, Harmonic Percolator & PFXM Jehovadrive pedals, Fender Baritone Special guitar, a theremin built into a TARDIS, Amdek Percussion Synthesizer, 1968 Yamaha SB-5A bass, Roland V-Drums, Fender "Input Device" Telecaster, ZVex pedals, Line 6 UX8, Martin D15 12-string guitar, sleighbells, Barry Seaborne, microKorg, Digitech XP-1000 Jetpack, OUR F@CKING IMAGINATION.

Now a lot of bands claim that last one, maybe your favourite band says it. But have they ever dropkicked a Hammond organ on their first record? We have.

Anything else...?
For what it's worth... we are deeply suspicious of the Myspace phenomenon (& social networking sites in general) and lament that the word 'friend' has been so devalued. So don't even bother trying to add us as a friend... we will politely decline. It's nothing personal, we decline friend requests from absolutely everyone. As for Facebook, everyone on there would be better off putting their actual face in an actual book. If this offends your sensibilities, it's probably best if you switch off the computer, go for a walk and try to work out the crucial difference between 'making friends' and 'adding' them.

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