Aug 12, 2013
Zone Beats

How To Buy: Enter the beat names in the box below your purchase selection. If an alternate email is requested to have the file sent to, make sure it is entered in the "additional notes" section during check out.
DELIVERY INFO: All tracks are sent out manually via email. Delivery will be no longer than 24 hours after purchase. All track-out files are archived in a .RAR file and a program will be required to extract and access the the WAV files. FREE RAR EXTRACTING APPS: Mac (OSX) PC (Windows) you have any additional questions, please contact

FILES INCLUDED: MP3 or WAV of the beat un-tagged (file type varies depending on lease purchased).
USE: 1 commercial recording and distribute up to 3,000 copies (paid, unpaid, streamed, physical, etc.). Zone Beatz still owns 100% of the beat, and it remains for sale until the exclusive rights are purchased. No time duration. Track out WAV files (or project files) are available for an additional fee.

FILES INCLUDED: MP3, WAV, Tracked out WAV Files, PDF of Exclusive Agreement.
USE: Unlimited commercial recordings. Unlimited distribution. Does not expire. The track will be marked as "Unavailable" or "SOLD" and will no longer be for sale or available for download. Full rights will be granteed to the buyer.
(Zone Beatz LLC) All works copyright 2009-2016 ZONE BEATZ LLC

MP3 downloads are available for $1.99 or marked "FREE DL". These downloads are ONLY for personal or non-profit use (Demo). Use for any monetary gain, including: digital, physical distribution or performance use. a paid license must be acquired. Zone Beatz must be credited any time the work is used. All works copyright 2009-2016 ZONE BEATZ LLC