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hamby & swaggerty--- we are christian country/southern gospel trio consisting of the hambys, garry & terry, & michael swaggerty.
we write and sing original christian country & southern gospel.
we have a great website too- www.hambyswaggerty.net
check out our music and we appreciate it--garry, terry & michael
Why this name?
we were originally the hamby's, but we changed the name after our first cd to hamby & swaggerty. the hambys, garry & terry are the twin brothers, singing bass and baritone. michael swaggerty sings the lead vocal, garry hamby and michael swaggerty have written songs for up-coming projects. michael swaggerty is award winning songwriter who's song "sounds like a song", has charted in the top 80 southern gospel and christian country charts.
Do you play live?
we have a mixture when we perform live, we use our soundtracks and michael is pianist so we have live music too, of course the vocals are live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
we are all over the net and it gives great exposure to people's songs. the internet is the future of networking and getting the songs out there- hand in hand with radio
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
of course, whatever it takes to get the music out to folks
Band History:
we bagan singing together in 2001 and we have had a successful tour and performed in a lot of venues. michael swaggerty has been a choir director and pianist and vocalist with the group praise assembly, he began playing the piano in his teens and soon tried his hand at songwriting after being inspired by the late gospel music legend dottie rambo.

garry & terry hamby sang with their parents on their weekly television program, then both joined the group the millionaires, who's bus is now in dolly parton's dollywood on exhibit.

our 1st project won 2 king eagle international awards and now we are working on our next project, which we are excited about. it will have 9 new songs written by michael swaggerty & garry hamby. garry hamby is the executive producer.
Your influences?
dottie rambo was the inspiration for michael to write his first song. also there are so many people in music, christian country & southern gospel, that inspire us, in our case, our collective favs are varied from peg mckamey of the mckameys to ray boltz to george jones
Anything else...?
we just love it when folks hear our music and let us know they enjoy it, or when we do a concert and you see people in the audience singing along, that is cool, especially when we get letters and e-mails telling us how they enjoyed our music and how they got something from it- that is why we sing
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