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NEWS   "The Saga of the Frostbitten Lands of Frigidaire," "Concerto for Three Washers in Sea Major," and "Permafrost" have all been released today, May 26th! Go download them all for free from our website:
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\\\Maytag is a project formed by the collaborative efforts of the posters of GAMEFAQs "Music: Metal" board, number 235. The initial idea behind the project was to mock Sunn O))). Sunn O))) is said by some to sound like a broken refrigerator. "235" took this idea to a new extreme by literally recording the sound of their own personal refrigerators (and other household appliances) and adding effects to them to make them sound "BWO)))M-Y" akin to Sunn O))).

“Why don't we all record our refrigerators at night and then combine the recordings into the ultimate BWO)))M-fest? It would be very epic for a few minutes, then boring for the rest. How about it?”—kboose

With those words, the beast was born. First, they settled upon a name. This name had to be something so legendary that all of mankind would cower in fear as it is spoken…

“For a refrigerator bwoomfest, how about taking a similar approach that Sunn O))) took... something like IIIMaytag.

Wait, more like


There, that's betterAAH”—StJamesHetfield

With a name chosen, \\\Maytag then needed a visual representative—an entity that encompassed everything that \\\Maytag would be…

“I HAVE CREATED OUR MASCOT!!! ” —reaper_killa

Soon, \\\Maytag had set up a Myspace page. Initially, this was meant to be a simple joke, but as soon as kboose’s first recordings were heard, this suddenly became a more serious endeavor…

“I just listened to the two things on the Myspace. That effected one is ****ing epic! That’s awesome! I thought this would sound like crap, but that actually sounds pretty cool!”

“I can't believe someone came up with this idea
I can't believe StJames actually came up with a brilliant band name
I can't believe people are actually recording their fridges
I can't believe that the "songs" are pretty much awesome


Shortly after the first recordings, many others joined \\\Maytag. The project grew and expanded until there was enough material to make a demo. But a demo simply wasn’t enough. More material was submitted, and \\\Maytag soon had enough for a full album! Once the name “The Saga of the Frostbitten Lands of Frigidaire” was chosen, nick11;link created the best album artwork ever seen by mankind. After more tracks were finished, SUPERSTAR PRODUCER ARGLEBARGLE ( started detailed discussions as to how to properly produce the album. Because \\\Maytag is grim and frostbitten, the only production that was agreed upon was volume leveling and the removal of unnecessary sub-bass levels.

Do you play live?
In a kitchen near you...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps us get recognition outside of our little cave in Norway...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Major labels aren't kvlt enough for us...
Your influences?
Sunn0))), broken kitchen appliances, etc.
Equipment used:
Refrigerators, broken kitchen appliances, etc.
Anything else...?\\\Maytag
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