Stephanie Miller
H00DLUM Beats
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play hi-fi  The Phone Call
play hi-fi  Mississippi Queen
play hi-fi  Journey
I am a composer and a lyricist. Currently I have a sound clip of one of my first songs called Journey, which I am in the process of re-recording. I also have several other pieces I am working on including instrumental selections for the harp. Thanks for checking out my web page. Please check back often for updates!
Do you play live?
As a musician, I am willing to play live anywhere! Currently I play live at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh during the open mic nights. I have played live music for hospitals, weddings, special occasions, and memorials services. I am able to play music in both indoor and outdoor venues.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hopefully one day, my musical path will lead me to answering this question.
Your influences?
Inspiration comes from everywhere, so it is hard to choose which influences to list.
Favorite spot?
Pittsburgh, PA.
Equipment used:
Harp, guitar, flute, recorders, piano, keyboard, drums, microphone and amp.
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