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DJ NaJh is the most important artist in Endangered Records, a digital uruguayan label record of electronic music. It is the perfect balance between the rage and sensitive experiments of mind-heart-technology. All those that know him know that he can't escape of his room, and that being with his computer and his keyboard many times means more than to be alienated of the real world to make music. His passion continues becoming the songs that every day seems to have a more stable repetitive condition.
Why this name?
Do you rememeber John Nash of Psycho? Well, it's said that in spanish the name NaJh is a combination because he isn't so freak as Nash. It's simply a combination of his depressive lunatic libido and the german word Nacht that means night. Nobody understands this contradiction, DJ NaJh can say that the explanation is in his mind but he will never be able to to decipher it. NaJh could be something aggressive and mysterious, but it can also be one electronic german spit to all the traditions of the past. Ah... and DJ NaJh doesn't have problems with his mum like Nash so... don't worry. And maybe he will not speak german in his life.
Do you play live?
I never played live but I would like it. My equipment isn't very complete to offer live shows. But take it easy my sweet NaJh's fans, I will buy a lot of sh*** to make you go mad.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think that not only the mp3 changed the music industry. Internet just made it. Now, a person who lives in Greenland can listen african music without problems, or he can recognize some label record which helps him to be successful. You have thousands of independent places where to upload free music, to share experiences with other people of other cultures where the musical level is very different. You can communicate with famous artists or with their fans. If you are an artist, you can place your music... There were changes. They changed the possibilities and the opportunities, now it's all easier; neither the radio neither the television will be able to overcome what is internet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course, it's one of my dreams and what I want for my musical career.
Band History:
The history is very short because it begans to build the day that I was born that it was November 2nd 1982. I obtained my mother's musical talent and then I began to take organ classes and to learn some music theory. I studied 6 years and I obtained my diploma. Now I continue here in the f***ing Matrix, trying to be like Neo in a latin country, experimenting with software and samples. The history didn't finish because I am not still dead. So please... don't put me in any history book and if you want see me in some records guiness warns me, maybe I will want some day which I don't have to do anything special.
Your influences?
All my influences have at least a point in common. They take the electronic music in the perceived environments in their hearts. Kraftwerk, those that I consider ideals to demonstrate the development that the electronic music had through the years, has trained to me that robotic and hidden aspect behind of an energy box in the music, shows a wild complementation of reasons and emotions. The revolution consists firmly on to go into to a computer and to interpret your emotions with an almost imperceptible indifference. I could not leave outside certain aspects of the 60s and 70s rock and roll bands: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath; they always accompanied my energetic disorders.
My repressed adolescence was characterized by industrial music headed by Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy, etc. This offered me certain neutrality in my life, more individuality and more solitude. There was a latin american band that has filled me with sentimental pride: it was called Soda Stereo. I feel a great admiration and a sublime respect for the ex-vocalist Gustavo Cerati. I think that him, Daniel Melero and Etcheto became an example to follow.
What has me astonished is that in my country music styles has grown until arriving to unsuspected places. Stupendous original artists make a dynamic coalition between the electronics and autochthonous sounds of the Rio de la Plata. This make that the brillant Gustavo Santaolalla and Juan Campodónico (and other artists) create a movement called Bajo Fondo Tango Club and that is characterized to join different styles inside the contemporary electronics, tango and folk things that I would hate if was not played by the hands of these artists. More uruguayan artists? Yeah... La Teja Pride, Loopez, Amnios, Rendher, Astroboy and Portal 7.
And I have left you to name important DJs of the techno scene. Without them the crazy expression that the electronic music has could not be shown and listened. The dance hints and the discos are a faithful reflection that the electronic music was created to join people in a world that is needing a lot of hope. Long life for Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Sven Väth, Thomas P. Heckmann, Green Velvet, Chris Leabing, Dave Clark, Jeff Mills, Timo Maas, Romina Cohn, DJ Hell, Hernán Cattaneo and many more men, women and androgynous that have spent the body and the minds in this, with explosive fury and with freedom of speech.
I would regret to have written this if I don't mention David Bowie, Depeche Mode, ABBA, Bee Gees, the frenchs boys Air, Daft Punk, SlipKnot, Massive Attack, Tricky, Bjork, Disturbed, Portishead, Pink Floyd and... well. That's not all but... you can imagine who are my influences don't you?
Favorite spot?
Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico DF, Miami, Washington, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London, Ibiza, Tokio. Ah... Montevideo either.
Equipment used:
Yamaha PSR 810 keyboard, Fruity Loops Studio 4.1, Goldwave 4.25, Soundforge 5.0, Acid Pro 4. This is what I use and what I will use until I buy something new.
Anything else...?
Yes. 1) Love me or hate me, motherf***er. 2) If the world is difficult dance or take xtc, it's the easiest solution. If you want to know the most difficult solution, listen DJ NaJh a lot. And 3) I don't want to have sex now, I'm tired.
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