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just a message to all the people that appreciate my beats
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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  (new) Anxiety Bop
play hi-fi  (New) Stealth killer.mp3
play hi-fi  (New) Papa Dios
play hi-fi  style unfound.mp3
play hi-fi  Trained Assasins (Produced by One-Take) Free d/l
play hi-fi  Man vs Machine Feat. Prince Po, Ug & Animosity
play hi-fi  Big pun-Avatar the Articulate-Elzhi Prod. One-Take
play hi-fi  Glenwood.mp3
play hi-fi  Melodic Pro.mp3
play hi-fi  A Harlem Night

Receive the Beat tag free in wav format. Only can distribute up to 2000 units on any single format. includes albums, mixtapes, dvd's etc Performance Rights for shows, tv and radio are alos granted If you exceed the limit, You can buy a second lease/ 30 dollars for tracklines. I will also promote you when the track is complete and can also sell the track on multiple sights as part of 50/50 split on sales. FIles and contracts will be sent electronically within 48hrs. bEATS ON hOLD can be leased until sold.

Receive the beat Tag-Free in High Quality wav Format. Recieve Track Studio Lines Or Pro Tools Session. You are the sole owner of the beat and it wont no longer be sold. If the beat happens to be on a major release and happens to get some serious noise or airplay, Credit needs to be given to One-Take. Distribute unlimited commercial units on any number of formats. Includes, albums, mixtapes, dvd. etc/ Performance rights for shows,tv radio are also granted. Files and contracts will be sent electronically within 48hrs. If required, a package with hard copies will also be shipped. for custom production of payment plans, please email us.

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