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NEWS   Now online: The first Solo Album of Frontman Markus Egger. It contains powerful evangelistic Songs from 1979
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play hi-fi  Blinder Mann
play hi-fi  Frisbee
play hi-fi  Ich will leben
play hi-fi  Narr
play hi-fi  Ich bin so froh
play hi-fi  Drueben
play hi-fi  Sterbende Stadt
play hi-fi  Meine Sonne
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Semaja was the first christian Rock Band in Germany which played in secular environment of any kind. It went out of the church buildings and crusades or evangelistic campains to reach the unsaved with the good message of christ. The style was bit like Santana or Pink Floyd. They were the true (and heavenly) "SCORPIONS" of the the City of Hannover. ;-)
Why this name?
Semaja is a guy of the bible. His name means: GOD HEARS!
Do you play live?
The Band splitted in 1984 and doesn't play any more.
Band History:
Markus Egger (lead vocal)
Uli Plinke (guitar&voc.)
Willi Herrmann (Bass&voc.)
Claus Feldmann (Keyboard)
Harald Nagel (Drums)
Klaus Hermann (Percussion)
Carsten Omer (Mixing)

Favorite spot?
Hannover, Germany
Anything else...?
The Frontman of the group, Markus Egger has become leader of a missions society in germany called Inter-Mission
Claus Feldmann has got an recording studio and is producing christian and secular music.
Uli Plinke has become psychologist and is caring for drug addicts.
The other guys do have normal secular jobs. Most of them are involved in a church called Koinonia Calvary Chapel Hannover

People who'd like to give something back to the band can donate money to the missionary society on the webpage of Inter-Mission , sponsor a child in India or support street workers, bible students or missionaries. ;-)
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