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play hi-fi  kinda serious
play hi-fi  wild wild east
play hi-fi  u ain't from brook son
play hi-fi  if u wana pop
play hi-fi  twisted
play hi-fi  untitled
play hi-fi  don't giva fuk
play hi-fi  get retarted
play hi-fi  all my life
You already know crime bullet smoke is in the build,15 years from beginer to semi-pro in and out the the belly of the beast has kept us from the game, but things just like the game changes strictly reality rapp no fantasy lyrics keepin it hood for the listners also check us out at ''
Why this name?
we used to be graff artist taggin allover new york by night called can't be stopped I was only 13 yeas old right then and there I got influenced by the wrong crowd and got involved in the life of crime and thats where can't be stopped ends and crime bullet smoke begins.
Do you play live?
in my early years now mostly all in studio recording looking for the big hit the days of freestyle are over but sure there was a strong rush that I can't really explain you would have to exprience it for yourself.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
well it has slowed up cd sales but increased download sales but were in the future so its all good
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
sure if the price is right in advancements
Your influences?
rakim, big daddy kane, kool g rapp, nas, jay z, tupac, big,50 cent
Favorite spot?
new york
Equipment used:
roland,m-audio,pro logic ,fruity loops,there are others to many to mention
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