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Deep in dreams
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04/05/13 @ 05:50 AM     post a comment
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a calm piano song i made on my korg karma
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I have been playing since i was 9 no i am 54. i am teaching in piano and keyboard, and also in pc and composing, with software.

i work for my self in my own home studio as artist Ballademaker.

you find me at link:

check out my site on facebook too- Ballademaker/Ivar F. Hansen

so enjoy my own music on those sites. Welcome to listen.

regard from Ballademaker / Norway
Why this name?
i have classic background. i love ballad songs and style. thats why i choose my band name.
Do you play live?
use too but now only at my home studio, if i got quistions of a job i get out and play. but not so much anymore. i am invited to a live show.....:))
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
great tool for sharing music for all musicians, it is the future of sharing music and make music together, and now on youtube they share a video with a common song, so the music platform developing all the time:) do collab is the future
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
maybee, if the opportunity shows up one day.
Band History:
started at year 2001. i have since then played in some several bands. but from 2003 i have working only at my home studio. i have get some more keyboards and moduls. and great voices to my keyboard, i also use this logic 9 in my recording and mixing. of my own made songs. i have last now got a Aw16G yamaha mixing board for producing wave file productions

so i make own made music, most new age and ambient, but i am found of rock funk blues gospel classic

Your influences?
supertramp, elton john, and billy joel, and jean michell jarre. spyra gyra, lava, abba,kitaro, jordan rudess, stephen kay, scott raposa, Ej2,bob james,level 42,styx, and many more.......
Favorite spot?
san fransisco, rome, london, oslo,new york , stockholm,gotenborg, kĂžbenhavn, torqay, Malta Drammen,
Equipment used:
korg karma xp 80 roland keyboard.modul tx 802 yamaha powermixer pmp 1000 behringer yamaha aw16 g mixer , monitors is krk rocket 5 , and behringer ms 16 midi interface romio a imac27") omnisphere stylus rmx korg kronos x 88 and daw logic 9

of software i use: karma mw 1.3.1 24 powertracks audio 12 wavepad, i consider to use reaper soon.

dream: kronos imac 27" logic 9 and omnisphere
Anything else...?
doing collab with other musicians so make contact at or at welcome

PS.......a new tutorial of korg karma will soon be announced. so keep sharp will be a suprize and i hope it will help many who has a korg karma to be karmafied and have fun with korg karma keyboard..... thats my idea of this tutorial.....
Good karma
Journy of Karma
Good karma
Logo Ballademaker
korg karma in dream land
karma flows to the world
my homestudio
my new studio in future
aw16 g yamaha hardisk mixer digital
My new lessons to learn
zoom q 3 video and sound recorder
yamaha tx802 sound modul
my software karma mw 1.3.1 24
my production tool
my grand piano
my daw
live use of korg karma
the tune is on my way
live use of korg karma Crayons
yamaha aw 16 g
one step at the time
karma voice
homestudio second picture
karma mw 1.3.1 24 software
Good Karma
master of keyboards
this is quality
karma coming out
collab with melody and vaerna
my pc desk
host allen cox was on that show!!
another user of korg karma
the good karma
a dreamy piano
fly away
love karma
the calm light
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