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Brian Jermaine
Ol Skool
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10/06/13 @ 07:06 AM     post a comment
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Performing my Signature Song and biggest hit for Friends/Family
The TrendsetterZ
*FIRE* - THOTTIE$ (Prod. by Digital Beatz)
West Coast
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All songs Written , Composed, Arranged , Produced and Performed
By: Brian Jermaine Flax *except where indicated

Why this name?
My birth name is Brian Jermaine Flax i just used my first and middle name.

After acheiving the right of being proclaimed one of the best singers to ever open his mouth.. i injured my voice.. i continued to try and perform but i pretty much tarnished my reputation as Brian Flax.

Renaming myself Brian Jermaine after a lengthy absence from performing was my way of re-inventing myself and trying to reclaim my "Sultry Soul Singer" Status and i am happy to report that through alot of hard work and GOD's blessings i have.
Do you play live?
Yes I Do. I perform at Various Venues around The Bay Area with my band Cold-Sol and by myself as a solo artist.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes it does. it gives unknown artists who have a multitude of talents exposure that they might not other wise get.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
At this point in my life im not sure. I Love my creative freedom, Record companies are about making money. Some guy could have the worse music ever, but if it sells a million copies because he is buff and has his shirt off on the front cover and women buy it for that reason then he is in.

My music does not sale in large quantities, but if i got the proper exposure im sure it would.

If i did sign with a major label i would prefer that it is over seas considering that my music is a lot more popular over seas than in the U.S.

My biggest hit to date "Ol Skool" went to #12 on the U.S. National Funk Charts, but went to #2 on the UK National Funk Charts(4 Weeks) and #1 in Japan(1 Week)

The other thing is my music is beyond one specific genre categorization, which is great for being a versatile musician but is horrible for the record business because they cant market it as 1 genre.

I'm a music rebel, I make music that sounds good and feels good, im not concerned with Trends and Fads which probably would not help me in the industry either because im not chasing the new Trend.

Over 40 years after his death Sam Cooke's Music is still relevant, so is Marvin Gaye , Luther Vandross , Isaac Hayes etc. that's the type of music i want to make, music that will last forever, music that will out live me.

Your influences?
Luther Vandross(Musical Father) - Isaac Hayes(#1 Favorite Artist) - Derick Hughes - Donny Hathaway - Johnny"Guitar"Watson - Calvin Richardson - Durrell"Tank" Babbs - Lionel Richie - Bobby Womack - D'ANGELO - Rachelle Ferrell(Favorite Female Singer) - Prince - Chris Brown - Will Downing - Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - R.Kelly - Sam Cooke - Nat King Cole - Mahalia Jackson - Fred Hammond - Smokie Norful - Barry Manilow - Elvis Presley - Fedarro - Curtis Mayfield -

For Piano: Duke Ellington - Jonathan Fritzen - George Duke - Oscar Peterson
Favorite spot?
Anywhere I Can Hear Great Music.
Equipment used:
Acoustica Mixcraft , Fruity Loops 10
Anything else...?
Check me out:
Me and Savannah(My Bass)
Me and Savannah(My New Bass)
My Infamous White Suit
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