Failed Muso
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play hi-fi  Where Are You Now?
play hi-fi  Where Are You Now? (UK Radio Debut - 25/12/09)
play hi-fi  Hope (Micky D Remix)
play hi-fi  Hope
play hi-fi  Progress [1997]
play hi-fi  Jaded Sea
play hi-fi  Soaring [1997]
play hi-fi  Dream
play hi-fi  Charmer [1997]
play hi-fi  Out There
Failed Muso is an ongoing, infinite project which serves as a vent for all things musical in my life. Originally a drummer, I was obsessed with music technology from a very early age, at a time when music technology itself was at an early age. After having numerous bad experiences playing with bands (and dealing with hefty ego's), I opted for a more technical and withdrawn approach, although I do miss playing live. I now perform a number of tasks that vary between writing music and doing sound design and beta testing for both music hardware and software. Check out my blog for more on Failed Muso.
Why this name?
It describes me. Considering that I failed in my ambition to be a professional musician.
Do you play live?
I used to and loved it. Mainly local venues, pubs, clubs, weddings, barmitzvahs ! Don't do it any more, because I don't like being in bands, but would consider doing it again on my own terms.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has allowed more creative expression by the masses but at the same time, removed the essential quality filter that the old structure used to provide.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Under the right circumstances, yes.
Band History:
Started at the turn of the decade known for flares, 3 day weeks and some atrocious music, this project has been building, wavering, teetering and fluctuating ever since. Consistently inconsistent, uncertainly certain and infinitely finite, who knows where this really came from, where it currently sits and where it will eventually lead ?
Your influences?
My influences are many and varied. As for how they shape my sound ? Well, I'd rather describe my output as personal, cinematic soundtracks to everyday occurences and experiences. Ever had one of those serendipitous moments, say, on a train, where you see a pretty girl and the song on your MP3 player just fits the moment ? Or you're travelling through a foreign land and the tune you hear just fits your emotions and your locality ? That's the kind of music I want to write. The soundtrack to a life.
Favorite spot?
Amsterdam. Inspirational on so many levels. Art, history, beer, weed, sex, language, food, architecture....
Equipment used:
Ok, here goes.

Akai S6000, Z8, MPC500, MPC1000, MPK49
Yamaha DTXpress, UX256
Alesis Fusion
Korg Prophecy
Roland SC88VL
Event EZbus
Behringer UMA25S
Mattel Synsonics
Reason, Reaper
Anything else...?
Everything on here so far is a work in progress. Nothing is complete, far from it. I just need to get stuff out and motivate myself to get it out more !
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