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Dimaension X - 1st iZ Lazt
NEWS   The first three demo songs uploaded here, but the full album is available at the noted links.
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play hi-fi  Atonal & Veiled
play hi-fi  Lava Deletion
play hi-fi  A Detail Novel
The latest Project from Dimaension X

Since some of the songs exceed the 10 MB limit imposed by the free Soundclick account, I will provide the links to the FULL ALBUM Downloads.

1st iZ LaZt at the Internet Archive


1st iZ LaZt at Mediafire

1st iZ LaZt at Megaupload

Band History:
Please visit my blog/website for much more info:

Your influences?
Everything from Zappa to Ayreon to Nightwish to Septic Flesh to Emperor to Opeth. Therion. Symphony X, Marduk, Leviathan, Xasthur, DIS, Bulb, Therion.

Hey, did I mention Therion. Yeah, they were a BIG influence for this one.
Equipment used:
Line 6 PODXT Live, Yamaha Guitar with DiMarzio Pickups, stock Fender Squier Affinity P-Bass, EZ Drummer, SONAR HS6, FL Studio, Reaper.
Anything else...?
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